Touring the Rail & River Markets of Bangkok.

By now I am feeling quite at home in Bangkok and luckily enough not like a tourist anymore. I have seen the big temples, some small ones too, Jim Thompson House, the Moon Bar, the Erawan shrine, the malls, and of course infamous Khao San Road. Whenever I go now, I...

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The grass is always greener in Singapore.

When I went to Singapore I was looking for a proper big city trip. You know, tall buildings, interesting architecture, and of course lots of good food. I didn't plan on hiking and already knew that flower picking is forbidden by law (okay, actually not true - my tour...

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Travel and its too great expectations.

struggling right now. I am almost ashamed to admit it. Even though many wise men have said that struggle is good for you. But still, I am a bit embarrassed, not because the struggle itself but because it seems like I have done little else but...

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Surprise paradise – The best beach in Phuket.

When I first came to Phuket a few years ago I hated it. I had just come from beautiful, chilled Koh Yao Noi and was thrown into the deep end of everything that is wrong about tourism in Thailand. I lasted two days and vowed to never return. Practicalities had me...

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Hello, I’m Annika!

I’m a girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart who likes to be anywhere but home. After having lived in New York and South Africa for many years, I now call the world home because I love one thing more than drinking wine and doing yoga together – traveling.






The Elephant’s Guide to Cape Town

Are you planning a Cape Town holiday? Great news! As you may know Cape Town used to be my home and I still spent a good part of the year here. So I thought it was high time to put together a proper travel guide for Cape Town so you can enjoy the Mothercity - where to stay, how to move around, and what highlights you shouldn't miss.



America’s Next Blog Model?

Today I want to gossip a bit, if I may. Just a little rant with a question to it, which I hope you, dear reader, can answer.

So here is goes.... On my recent India trip and in general I have noticed an increase of travel bloggers pretending to be fashion models and a whole lot of nakedness. What is up with that?



But what about the girl who travels?

Don't date a girl who travels says this video. Do date a girl that travels says that article.

But what about the girl who travels?
Who does she want to date?
Does she even want to date?
Have you ever asked one?



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Solotrip: Vom Glück des Alleinreisens (German Edition)

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