Palm trees & Pad thai = Eternal paradise at last?

"It's dark because you are trying too hard." I just found this line again while doing some 'research' for this post. Research amongst my old posts because I frequently like to repeat myself. It is almost cyclical and nobody has called me out on it yet but I know it...

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A Kathmandu Foodtour & Where to find the best Nepali Momos.

Even before I arrived in Nepal my mission was clear: climb not only basecamp but the whole of Mount Everest. Nah, I can't believe I could even write this with a straight face. In fact, I knew from the beginning the one thing I wasn't going to do was climb anything of...

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Live from a Liveaboard – Scuba Diving in Raja Ampat.

oday is World Ocean Day. If it was up to me, every day would be World Ocean Day. Saltwater, sweat, tears, and especially the ocean, has always been my salvation. Maybe salvation sounds pathetic but looking back at difficult times in my life it...

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10 Easy tips to Green Travel for the lazy Traveler.

Here is a confession: I am not a big environmentalist and not particularly green. While I get livid when divers and snorkelers touch sealife and really don't understand why anyone thinks elephant riding or cuddling dolphins could ever be a good idea, I have much to...

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Hello, I’m Annika!

I’m a girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart who likes to be anywhere but home. After having lived in New York and South Africa for many years, I now call the world home because I love one thing more than drinking wine and doing yoga together – traveling.






The Elephant’s Guide to Cape Town

Are you planning a Cape Town holiday? Great news! As you may know Cape Town used to be my home and I still spent a good part of the year here. So I thought it was high time to put together a proper travel guide for Cape Town so you can enjoy the Mothercity - where to stay, how to move around, and what highlights you shouldn't miss.



America’s Next Blog Model?

Today I want to gossip a bit, if I may. Just a little rant with a question to it, which I hope you, dear reader, can answer.

So here is goes.... On my recent India trip and in general I have noticed an increase of travel bloggers pretending to be fashion models and a whole lot of nakedness. What is up with that?



But what about the girl who travels?

Don't date a girl who travels says this video. Do date a girl that travels says that article.

But what about the girl who travels?
Who does she want to date?
Does she even want to date?
Have you ever asked one?



Find the German version on Amazon here! 

Solotrip: Vom Glück des Alleinreisens (German Edition)

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