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I believe in long-lasting relationships, great content in form of digital storytelling, and a personalized approach – one size does not fit all! For questions and proposals or to receive my rate card or mediakit, email me, Annika, at hello@midnightblueelephant.com or fill out the contact form.

Please note that while I am super keen to work with and create content for cool companies, my site is not the place for random links or so-called guest posts you would like to place here at no cost. Because a) as you may have noticed, 98% of my content is written and curated by myself, while the other 2% was contributed by a few awesome writers who I personally begged to do so. And b) because this site is also my business. So (unless you are an awesome NGO or a great personal writer) if you are a commercial enterprise and are looking for a backlink or a home for such a guest post but don’t have the budget or interest in a sponsored post, this is not the site for you. 

If you are looking for a writer for your publication or corporate blog you can find examples of my work here (German and English) and contact me on the email address above.



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I am also member of the PTBA – Professional Travel Blogger Association. You can view my profile here.

Please note that all sponsored content and advertising will be clearly marked as such and that opinions are my own. Kindly do not contact me with unsolicited PR pitches & Co. And no, unfortunately I cannot work for free either as the elephant needs to be fed with parmesan cheese and wine in regular intervals.

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