If you have read my post about the best spas in Thailand, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am a huge fan of massages especially when they are inexpensive enough to afford one every day. So it wasn’t exactly a hard task to do the necessary research and find the best spas in Bali for you as well. 

Where to find the best massage in Thailand.

Bali is synonymous with beauty and wellness, and the options for good spas and treatments are quite endless. A highlight is, of course, a Balinese massage which works with oil and lots of kneading and acupressure. Another favorite treatment is a so-called cream bath, a nourishing hair treatment which comes with a head and scalp massage and of course, there is the Insta-famous flower bath. 

Whether you are looking for a quick fix to get the knots out from your back or a luxurious day of pampering, I am sharing my favorite massages in Bali with you and the best day and hotel spas for every budget and occasion. Whether you are looking for a fun getaway with your girlfriends, a romantic massage for two, or soak up all the bliss by yourself. 

Where to find the best massage in Bali? I will leave it up to you to answer this (and have fun while trying) but here are my favorites to get you started for your very own research. 

My personal favorites – The Best Spas in Bali

Nusa Dua
Gili Air

Spas in Seminyak


Alila Seminyak

I have been to a lot of amazing spas lately but I will say that the Alila Seminyak Spa took the cake. To be honest, sometimes I feel like you are better off getting individual treatments than a whole spa package because even though they are cheaper you will spend a lot of time in steam rooms or with a foot bath – things that you don’t really want to pay for (at least I don’t!).
But the Mineral Ritual at the Alila Spa was nothing but jam-packed with greatness: a massage, acupressure reflexology, volcanic clay facial followed by a scrub with a Vichy shower. The latter was especially impressive as I didn’t have to do any showering myself but was placed on something resembling a stone altar with the shower coming from the top. I felt like a very fortunate wagyu beef.
Even my microbubble bath to end was fun and different and felt a bit like bathing in champagne.

After you have been massaged and pampered into a beautiful, relaxed piece of putty you even get fed at their stunning Seasalt restaurant overlooking the ocean. The lunch too didn’t feel like an afterthought but was an experience in itself – if you are looking for a seaside spot to eat in Seminyak, this is it!

If you go, ask for Mega at the spa because she lives up to her name – I haven’t had a massage that good in a while.

Mineral Ritual for 3 hours & lunch IDR 2.400k
Massages for 60 minutes starting at IDR 600k

Re Day Spa 

Re Day Spa is one of my favorite day spas in Seminyak and is cheap enough to make it an everyday go-to place as well as fancy enough to make it feel like a treat. At the bottom, they have an open room for manicures and pedicures and cream baths which happen in their ultra-comfy lazyboy chairs.

Upstairs is for massages and while the setting is nice there are no individual treatment rooms but the massage beds are separated by curtains. This may or may not be an issue but it can get a little noisy at times with people walking around or even talking.

With most spas, there are great therapists and some who are only average. I remember that during my last stay in Seminyak I found one I absolutely adored and asked for her regularly. Luckily the prices here are low enough that you can try them all and find a favorite.

Massages for 60 minutes starting at IDR 280k


Bodyworks came highly recommended as one of the nicest day spas in Seminyak and after a lunch at Sea Circus, I decided to give it a go for a cream bath.
While my hair should probably have a cream bath more often I am also super sensitive when it comes to any sort of hair treatments. I prefer to brush my hair myself in a salon and get very irritated when it gets pulled during a head massage. So I was hesitant, to say the least.

But I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, Bodyworks is light and airy and feels very island-y with lots of treatments taking place outside. Secondly, my therapist didn’t blink an eye when I told her I wanted to do my own brushing and simply continued with the head massage after I was done. And it was incredible – finally a head massage with no pulling! I was delighted even more so as she continued with my hands, arms and shoulders.

Cream bath is IDR 209k for 60-minutes and you can either do your own hair afterward or pay IDR 95k for a blow-dry.
Massages for 50-minutes start at IDR 295k

Spas in Ubud

Best Spas in Bali

Auriga at Capella Ubud

Capella is the new kid on the block when it comes to Ubud luxury hotels and it is a special one: glamping at its finest. So it comes at no surprise that the three spa rooms of the Auriga at Capella Ubud aren’t actually rooms but beautifully outfitted tents. Mine was called Hollandia named after the Dutch vessles which first came to Bali to conduct maritime trade and it even came with its own, living jackfruit tree – leaving all greenery untouched was one of the main concern when Capella was built.

I had a New Moon massage which offered 90 minutes of bliss on their ultra-comfortable massage beds (honestly, why are some massage beds so flimsy and uncomfortable?!). The massage is based on a Swedish Massage and is aptly timed for this time of the month to energize and rejuvenate.

The special thing about the canvas tent setting is that you are inside yet hearing all the jungle sounds – so soothing! Don’t miss using the loo. Yes, I know that sounds like a weird request but trust me on this – the toilets at Capella are a league of their own.

While spa guests cannot use the pool, you can stay for lunch and you definitely should – the food is amazing and the views are not too shabby either…Capella is a 20-minutes drive from Ubud center and they offer a free shuttle a few times throughout the day.

New Moon massage for 90-minutes IDR 1.600k

Alila Ubud

I was lucky enough to stay at the Alila Ubud before with my friend Julia, however, I wasn’t that fortunate to experience their amazing spa. Or rather one of their signature treatments as my Rainforest Experience was not in the spa but rather out in the jungle – welcome to the Bale bengong! 

Take the “Walkway to heaven” and you will find yourself in the jungle that surrounds the Alila and a little spa pavilion. The Rainforest Experience starts with a 90-minute massage which was truly heavenly as you are surrounded by jungle sounds and a breeze – perfect to do in Bali winter as it wasn’t too hot and humid. Next up was lunch with a view of the jungle – salad, followed by Thai green curry and parfait with poached snake fruit for dessert. Luckily I was allowed to spend the next hour napping laying on my back for a reflexology treatment on my feet. 

One of the best features of the Alila is its setting and if you get lucky some cheeky monkeys will join you for tea in the afternoon. I remember them fondly stealing snacks from me when I was here for the first time, alas I didn’t get so lucky this time around and got to enjoy my pumpkin cake without interruption. 

Massages for 60 minutes start at IDR 575k

They also offer a “Spa Junkies Paradise Unlimited” which is valid for 48 hours and I am super keen to try next time – surely non-stop massages for two days are possible?!

Kayumanis Spa Ubud 

The Kayumanis Spa in Ubud is one of my favorite spas in Bali and not just for their amazing treatment but also for the setting. All treatment rooms have the best smelling Alang Alang roofs and are open to the sides so you can enjoy the jungle sounds (and some screams from people rafting in the valley) and a gentle breeze. 

They have a variety of signature spa treatments and I got to try their Spa Secrets. This includes a little stroll in their garden where you can learn all about herbs and plants used in Balinese beauty treatments and cooking. This is followed by a lulur making class. A lulur is a traditional Balinese scrub which is made out of rice, galanga, ginger, cloves, and turmeric. In this day and age, you can buy lulur at the shop but here at Kayumanis, they are still made by hand or rather thanks to lots of muscle.

After all this work (never mind, I will admit, I didn’t do a thing but my therapist did all the work), I got to sit down with a healthy drink and soak my feet in rose petals followed by a massage with lemongrass oil. Kayumanis is another Ubud spa that gets major points for their comfy massage tables – they are even heated! And if you think that isn’t necessary, I will remind you that it is winter in Bali and you are basically getting a massage outside and it can get breezy. I get cold easily and so this unique feature was most welcome. 

The massage was followed by the lulur scrub, a slightly messy affair and I was glad I didn’t have to clean up. Afterward, I got to soak in the bathtub and had a funny Instagram moment. Instagram has us believe that all Bali baths are full of flower petals while mine wasn’t. Typical Annika moment – everyone gets pretty flowers and I get leaves and twigs.
But of course, that wasn’t quite the case as this was meant to be a herbal bath with betel leaves which are good for your skin. So while it may not do well for the ‘gram, it does well for your body.

Spa Secret for 3 hours IDR 2.405k
Massages for 90 minutes starting at IDR 1.105k


Putri Ubud Spa 2

But are you even in Bali if you are not having a flower bath? Probably not but the truth is, I don’t like bathing very much and sitting in tepid water surrounded by flower petals seems a waste of flower petals and my time. But when in Bali… I thought I should at least try it and see what all the fuss was about before making too much fun of Instagrammers in their flower baths.

With this intention set, I found the Putri Ubud Spa 2 which was just down the road from my Airbnb on Jalan Bisma and offers all sorts of packages at incredible prices. I booked a lulur package which included a one hour massage, lulur scrub, and a flower bath.

For this price, I didn’t have high hopes but was pleasantly surprised. My therapist was incredibly nice and found just the right amount of pressure and the lulur albeit not homemade left my skin really soft. Once it was bathtime I was given tea and fruit to snack on and my therapist actually offered to take my picture… lol. I politely declined. While I didn’t mind my flower bath so much I learned that the petals don’t do much in terms of beautifying, are quite sticky when it comes to showering them off, and flowers or not – having a stranger take a picture of you in the bathtub is just a tad bit weird.

That said, I would definitely go back for their great package deals!

Sensation of Java Lulur for 2 hours IDR 295k
Massages for 60 minutes starting at IDR 150k

Another spa in Ubud to try is the Karsa Spa in the middle of the rice paddies. I didn’t manage to go myself as they are always booked out far in advance but I hear that they are one of the best day spas in Bali – if you are heading to Ubud, book in advance!



Spas in Nusa Dua

Jari Menari

I am not sure where to start when telling you about Jari Menari. Their concept is super unique in that they only have male therapists who are personally trained by founder Susan Stein and her team. It started 18 years ago as a way for men to learn a profession and offer customers who prefer stronger massages the best service possible. Training includes not only massage technique but also anatomy as well as English lessons and customer service.
Jari Menari translates to ‘Dancing Fingers’ and by now they have a branch in Nusa Dua and one in Seminyak. I got invited to my very first four-handed massage and while I was initially skeptical if four hands would be very different to two hands and thus justifying the higher price I am now officially converted.
My two therapists worked in incredible synchronicity with each other and with me, and my massage felt pleasantly choreographed as well as intuitive at the same time.
One of my highlights actually happened after the massage was finished and for the first time ever I was not asked how I was feeling, an absolute pet peeve of mine after a massage. As Susan explained to me she never wants her customers to feel put on the spot as it goes with such a question.

For all women who might be nervous with a male therapist – don’t be. The therapists at Jari Menari are incredibly professional and my boobs were never uncovered for even a second, I was actually surprised by how smoothly I was covered at all times.

Four-handed massage for 60 minutes IDR 550k


I gave Zahra spa a go not because they are hyped on TripAdvisor as the spa in Nusa Dua (I am not such a big fan of TA) but simply because they were within walking distance from my hotel and I was feeling dreadful due to a cold.

The treatment rooms are individual little huts, making the whole set up look like a small spa village on the side of the road. Nothing fancy but nice enough especially considering the prices.

Instead of my usual massage, I opted for a Lomi Lomi not quite realizing that a Lomi Lomi liberally uses arms and elbows as the means to get the knots out. And even upon telling my therapist that I preferred a softer massage I was still in for a surprise. Since I usually like softer hands on my legs, I was suffering quite a bit but my therapist knew what she was doing and I left feeling so much better than before.

Lomi Lomi massage for 60 minutes IDR 225k

Spas in Canggu

Merapu Svaasthya at Desa Seni 

Desa Seni is a gorgeous eco-lodge in the heart of Canggu. Mind you, if you stay here you will probably never leave and are far away from the hipster hustle and bustle of the area.
Their Merapu Svaasthya spa is housed in a beautiful old Balinese building, breezy and very zen. I was in the mood for something different and so I went for the Banana Leaf Body Wrap. Two hours of bliss and I didn’t mind feeling like a piece of fish waiting to be steamed.
The treatment starts with an oil massage followed by a coffee scrub. This came at just the right time as my back was peeling and in desperate need of a bit of TLC. After the exciting part started – the banana leaf wrap. Banana leaves have natural antioxidants and the application of papaya puree helps to nourish and moisturize skin. I didn’t even mind looking like a Balinese meal while I was wrapped and left with my skin feeling amazing.
Do make sure to shower thoroughly afterward, otherwise, you may or may not find yourself with a few leftover papaya bits on your foot the next day.

While the Merapu Svaasthya spa is beautiful, the prices are anything but hotel spa prices. Perfect so you can pamper yourself for an entire afternoon and even add a yoga class at Desa Seni.

Banana Leaf Body Wrap for 2 hours IDR 650k
Massages for 60 minutes starting at IDR 400k

GOLDUST Beauty Lounge

GOLDUST is located on Batu Bolong and a bit unassuming from the outside. Probably better to go with an understated look because inside it is all about the bling: GOLDUST is as the name implies all about gold. They are best known for their pure gold facials and sell various gold masks in their little shop.
As I am not a big facial person, I went for their signature massage which also incorporates hot stones. Wow. My therapist Dewi gave me one of the best massages in Bali and when she told me it was over, I told her I refused to leave. It is hard to describe but she was incredibly intuitive in her massage and found the right balance between getting my knots out while completely relaxing me.
Their treatment rooms for massages and facials are small and simple but the face donut was one of the most comfortable I have had and their linens are so soft I was very tempted to steal them. Even just writing about it all makes me want to book another appointment.

GOLDUST Signature Massage for 90 minutes IDR 390k
Massages for 60 minutes starting at IDR 260k


Therapy has been a long favorite of the spas in Canggu and seems to have been around for ages. I first came across it when I asked my Brazilian friend Natalie where I could get a decent Brazilian wax in Bali and she recommended them.

I was not disappointed. Their prices are reasonable and the procedure was quick and (almost) painless. I have since tried their cream bath and my friend got a massage at Therapy during our last holiday in Bali and we could agree that we would recommend either.

With an influx of new development in Canggu and a whole new army of spas, I am happy to see that Therapy has kept its places as a local favorite. Best of all is its location though – you can basically roll from Echo beach onto a massage table or vice versa.

Brazilian wax IDR 300k
Massages for 60 minutes starting at IDR 270k

Spa in Gili Air

Slow Spa 

Oh man, as much as I loved Gili Air otherwise it was a wasteland when it came to spas and massages. It’s not that there aren’t any options but the existing spas are not very nice. And while I am not one to diss a quick, cheap massage on the beach and won’t expect 5-star spa service, the one and only time I tried I cut my massage down to half an hour and still left with bruises on my feet. 

But after days of diving and lugging around heavy equipment I really wanted a treat and so I made an appointment at Slow Spa, second-best as I couldn’t afford to stay there. 

The spa is everything you want from an island spa: beautiful outdoor/indoor rooms with lots of bamboo, tinkling music, and the softest massage beds. 

I had a simple aromatherapy massage and while it objectively wasn’t the best massage I have had, it was good enough to put me in a blissful state and at IDR 300k makes for a good deal for a hotel spa treatment. So if you are headed to Gili do yourself a favor, ignore the beach pavilions and head to Slow instead if you want a massage. 


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Balinese Massage, cream bath and flower bath? I am sharing my favorite places for a good massage & best spas in Bali - from fun day spas to fancy hotel spas all over Bali.  #bali #indonesia #spa Best spa in Bali | Best massage in Bali | Luxury spas in Bali | Spa for Balinese massage | Best spas in Seminyak | Best spas in Canggu | Best spas in Ubud | The best Ubud spas
Balinese Massage, cream bath and flower bath? I am sharing my favorite places for a good massage & best spas in Bali - from fun day spas to fancy hotel spas all over Bali.  #bali #indonesia #spa Best spa in Bali | Best massage in Bali | Luxury spas in Bali | Spa for Balinese massage | Best spas in Seminyak | Best spas in Canggu | Best spas in Ubud | The best Ubud spas
Balinese Massage, cream bath and flower bath? I am sharing my favorite places for a good massage & best spas in Bali - from fun day spas to fancy hotel spas all over Bali.  #bali #indonesia #spa Best spa in Bali | Best massage in Bali | Luxury spas in Bali | Spa for Balinese massage | Best spas in Seminyak | Best spas in Canggu | Best spas in Ubud | The best Ubud spas
Balinese Massage, cream bath and flower bath? I am sharing my favorite places for a good massage & best spas in Bali - from fun day spas to fancy hotel spas all over Bali.  #bali #indonesia #spa Best spa in Bali | Best massage in Bali | Luxury spas in Bali | Spa for Balinese massage | Best spas in Seminyak | Best spas in Canggu | Best spas in Ubud | The best Ubud spas
Balinese Massage, cream bath and flower bath? I am sharing my favorite places for a good massage & best spas in Bali - from fun day spas to fancy hotel spas all over Bali.  #bali #indonesia #spa Best spa in Bali | Best massage in Bali | Luxury spas in Bali | Spa for Balinese massage | Best spas in Seminyak | Best spas in Canggu | Best spas in Ubud | The best Ubud spas

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