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Seychelles Solo – Traveling the Ultimate Honeymoon Destination Alone.

Solo travel Seychelles? Are solo travelers even allowed in this honeymoon paradise? Read all about why and how you should plan a solo trip to Seychelles.

Has solo travel to Seychelles or any other presumed honeymoon destination ever crossed your mind? The other day I was working on a post for Travelettes about what it means to be a woman when it comes to traveling. I never ventured there before because while I am a woman who travels I really dislike labels. So I don’t write about female travel, I just do my thing and write about it. Same goes for solo travel. Another box right there. Yes, I usually travel on my own. Sometimes with a group, rarely with friends, and after my last boyfriend travel disaster I have stayed clear of that too.

So I guess technically I would need to check the box single solo traveler but the last thing I want to do is describe myself as yet another solo female traveler. If you want to know how to venture out into the world as a woman on your own, there are other blogs who have written extensively about both, so I don’t want to bore you with tips a la ‘take a book to a restaurant’ or ‘take a whistle’ (for that you could just read my book!). I also still harbor some hope that the occasional guy reads this (though my stats tell a different story) and I want to be at least prepared.


The solo travel part, however, is a different thing, because last night I remembered my first solo trip and it got me so excited that I had to share it. For the sake of the story, let’s disregard the fact that by the time this trip came along I had already moved to America twice, back to Germany once, and currently lived in South Africa. But that was all moving, not traveling.

Solo Travel Seychelles

When I just moved to Cape Town I inherited some money and wanted to spend it on something absolute useless or useful, depending on where traveling falls for you. I chose to go to Seychelles for no other reasons than that it looked nice, Seychelles seemed like a safe destination for a solo (girl) trip, and it wasn’t too far from South Africa.

Solo Travel in the Seychelles can be an adventure even though it is dubbed as the ultimate honeymoon destination. But really, sunsets like this are simply stunning with or without a person next to you.

Of course, Seychelles islands are not simply nice, they are stunning and a few of their beaches regularly top the best beaches in the world charts and for good reason. I visited three of its 115 islands and island hopping is the way to go, especially if you are flying solo.
I started on the main island MahΓ© where I drove around everywhere in a bright red miniature Jeep sort of car that made me feel quite adventurous. I visited Kreol Fleurage, a local perfumery, drove through hills and jungles, and had the best massage at the Banyan Tree (which luckily I got to repeat at their spa in Bangkok a few years later!). Unfortunately, I didn’t stay there, but the beach was one of my favorites and I didn’t even mind paying $9 for an iced coffee because the view it came with was so amazing. And mind you, I still think about the coffee today, so it was definitely worth it. After all, Seychelles holidays are for splurging whether you travel there solo or not.
From MahΓ©, I went to Praslin to visit the VallΓ©e de Mai with its coco de mer (butt-shaped coconuts) and was super excited to realize that you can just pick up regular coconuts for free on the beaches here. I also realized that opening a coconut is a task not to be underestimated. Solo travel in the Seychelles can have its ups and downs and this was definitely a down – I still feel sorry for the tiles and the coconut.


My final stop was La Digue, a tiny island with no cars and little streetlights. It was my favorite and I think it was here where I fell in love with traveling on my own: I discovered selfies (that was 10 years ago so I was way before my time!) and the art of doing nothing or at least the art of only doing what I wanted. That included lying on the beach for hours re-reading my books, I had brought too few, taking walks in the jungle, and finding a resident restaurant that I ate at every night. The latter wasn’t by choice as it was off-season in Seychelles and many were simply closed, but still, the creature of habit in me was happy. In Seychelles I also went snorkeling for the first time in very warm water with lots of things to see and I think it was then that I fell in love with the underwater world.

All in all, it was the perfect trip and traveling alone made this trip entirely mine. While you can say that I only took tentative baby steps in paradise with my solo travel in Seychelles, it did lay the groundwork of all solo trips to come: knowing that I like my own company.


*This is really not up to my usual selfie standard, but since it was done without iPhone and I am look happy, I thought I should share.*

& if you really want some tips for solo travel in Seychelles (or in any other honeymoon destination for that matter), here you are…

  • Don’t worry about Seychelles being a honeymoon destination because you may just get special treatment for you are the poor lonesome person amongst all the happy couples.
  • Also, if you ever see someone’s significant other lounging in the shallow water like a mermaid wearing a red speedo while having his picture taken, you start to seriously rethink the concept of marriage. Personally, I had never been so happy to be on my own after witnessing that.
  • Don’t get a fresh coconut halfway through a jungle hike in Seychelles because you will be left with the choice of getting a stomach ache from drinking the whole thing too quickly or you will have to carry a damn heavy coconut all by yourself.
  • Backpacking in Seychelles is not really a thing at least not when it comes to budget. To make this expensive destination bearable consider traveling here in the off-season and go for self-catering accommodation.
  • Are the Seychelles safe? I felt incredibly safe during my stay, even traveling Seychelles alone but remember that in a battle of a tortoise against a coconut, the coconut always wins. In the battle of coconut against floor tiles, the coconut also wins. Buy an opened coconut or bring a hammer and don’t lie under palm trees with coconuts!*

*Those won’t just apply when you do Seychelles solo travel, but I thought they were important to know.

More solo travel adventures: Solomoon in the Maldives.

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  1. Hi. I am travelling to Praslin and La Digue by myself in January. I have seen some alarming news about safety in the islands and I really didn’t t expect that. I would be greatful to hear more about your trip if you don t mind. Thank you. Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy, what have your heard in particular? Was that something news related or general safety advice? My trip was quite a few years ago so I wouldn’t be able to comment on anything current. When I was there, I felt incredibly safe even traveling on my own. I didn’t even adhere to the usual safety rules as in not walking around by myself at night and was absolutely fine. But as I said that was years ago. Check out or contact https://www.thetravelmanuel.com – Vaughan has just been so he could maybe help with that. Tell him Annika sent you πŸ™‚

  2. beautiful pictures !

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome write up! haha and loved your adventures with the coconut πŸ˜€