Solo Trip – Me, Myself & The World / ebook

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Would you like to travel the world on your own but never dared to? Then this book is for you!

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A book by a solo traveler for solo travelers and all those who want to become one, Solo Trip shares stories from almost 20 years of traveling the world, practical tips, and advice for those who are looking for inspiration to venture out on their own.

Some of the most persistent myths about solo travel include that it is egoistic, dangerous, and boring or that you will need to become a backpack & Birkenstocks wearing hippie – this book shows you that it ain’t so. It gives advice on how to master your first trip from A to Z, eat out on your own, make friends on road, and learn the art of getting lost and enjoying it.


Solo Trip covers:

  • Why traveling alone makes so damn happy.
  • All the ifs and buts we always hear about solo travel and why you should ignore them.
  • Dinner for One.
  • Backpack or steamer trunk – the different ways you can travel and why there is no right or wrong way to travel.
  • The privilege & responsibility of traveling.
  • Practical Tips & Checklists – what to do before, what to pack, and why you need a passport to fly to New York.
  • Some great routes for beginners with detailed itineraries and information in New York, Morocco, and Thailand.

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  1. Thekla Salmon

    This book has really opened my heart to the idea of solo travel. It’s given me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone and embrace my fears. Not just a travel book, a kinda self help book too. Planning my next trip already!

  2. Evi Mielczarek

    When I think about solo female traveler, Annika comes to my mind first. She is the definition and so is her e-book. It’s not only inspiring, but very practical, exactly how I like it. If you have doubts that solo traveling is really for you, or looking for this one final push to decide to travel solo, Annika’s e-book will give you exactly what you need. And when you will decide to go, she prepared for you, step by step what you will need. You’re looking for interesting itinerary? Annika gives you that as well, along with hotel addresses, if you need ones. We all know that the first timers need a little help, my first big solo trip was organized with help of more experienced travelers.
    I think this e-book is great for everyone hesitating, but also for those who already started their solo trip, to compare experiences, look at their own road from a perspective.
    It was a pleasure to become part of Annika’s world while reading this part soul guide, part travel guide, get to know her story and compare it to mine.

  3. Caitlin Jean (verified owner)

    I read the eBook English version.

    I have been following Annika and her adventures on her blog for many years now. I do enjoy her humour and honesty. Whilst this book can read like one long blog post (eBook version that it), it is a great resource to be inspired to travel. Having travelled solo myself to a few destinations, a lot of her tips are helpful and reminders to explore more. The chapter on Privilege & Responsibility made me think twice on blurting out my next trip to all that will listen.

    • Annika

      Thanks so much, Caitlin! Now I am very curious – where are you headed next??

  4. Gabrielle Groeneveld

    An eye-opening, inspirational read. Thank you!

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