Solo Trip – Me, Myself & The World / ebook


Would you like to travel the world on your own but never dared to? Then this book is for you!



A book by a solo traveler for solo travelers and all those who want to become one, Solo Trip shares stories from almost 20 years of traveling the world, practical tips, and advice for those who are looking for inspiration to venture out on their own.

Some of the most persistent myths about solo travel include that it is egoistic, dangerous, and boring or that you will need to become a backpack & Birkenstocks wearing hippie - this book shows you that it ain't so. It gives advice on how to master your first trip from A to Z, eat out on your own, make friends on road, and learn the art of getting lost and enjoying it.


Solo Trip covers:

  • Why traveling alone makes so damn happy.
  • All the ifs and buts we always hear about solo travel and why you should ignore them.
  • Dinner for One.
  • Backpack or steamer trunk - the different ways you can travel and why there is no right or wrong way to travel.
  • The privilege & responsibility of traveling.
  • Practical Tips & Checklists - what to do before, what to pack, and why you need a passport to fly to New York.
  • Some great routes for beginners with detailed itineraries and information in New York, Morocco, and Thailand.


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