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Cool Gifts for Scuba Divers.

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Around this time your social media channels might be filled with gift guides for anybody that you could possibly want to get a gift for. Looking for gifts for mothers, fathers, or the mailman? There is a gift guide for you somewhere in this digital universe.

I wanted to put together something different and so with my own wishlist in mind, I put together some gifts for scuba divers. Unfortunately, many gifts for divers come with a hefty price tag and also require to be tried and fitted – not something your average Santa will get right. With that in mind, I put together some great scuba gifts for everyone and every budget. Needless to say, they are not just presents for scuba divers for Christmas but any other gift-giving holidays, birthdays and whenever you feel like showing a little appreciate to a special diver in your life.

Christmas Gifts for Scuba Divers

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Waterlust Whale Shark Warrior Leggings

I have been lusting after Waterlust’s whale shark leggings and rash guard forever. While there are quite a few companies these days who have a whale shark pattern, not all are created equal. I think Waterlust’s are incredibly pretty and whale shark-like – hopefully next time I see one, I will wear my leggings and there is a camera around to catch the moment.
They also have some really cool nurse and tiger shark patterns and OMG – they have pockets!!

Find the legging here.

Girls that Scuba Discount Card

I do have the coolest friends. One of them is my friend Sarah who started Girls that Scuba a hugely successful community of kick-ass female divers. She has a whole lot of awesome scuba gifts and merchandise on her website but the best scuba diving present this year is her Girls that Scuba Card.
This card is for female divers only and gives access to great discounts in dive centers all over the world, when booking liveaboards, and for cool scuba brands online. You can check out who is involved right here. Generally, you get 10% off dive center packages and 5% on liveaboards. Best of all – there is no limit on how often you use your discount code!

The GTS Membership Card is now valid forever (it was previously only valid for one year!), costs ยฃ54.99, and makes a great present for the scuba divers in your life or yourself – get it here.

Deakin & Blue Bikini

Needless to say, I love a company that makes bikinis and swimsuits for women of all sizes and one that doesn’t try to tell me a size 10 is XXL. Deakin & Blue not only offers a variety of sizes but has also amended the cuts according to cup size – something every woman with boobs can attest to is much appreciated.
I just got myself a new mango yellow bikini with a high-waisted bottom and cannot wait to head into the sun soon to wear it. Their swimsuits and bikinis are also great underneath a wetsuit (except of course that you can’t see them) because no bits and bobs will fall out.

Best of all: they are made from ECONYLยฎ, a fabric that is made 100% out of things like old fishing nets and industrial plastic!

Find the bikinis and swimsuits here.

fourth element Storm Poncho

Remember the days when you were really tiny and after a nice hot bath your mum would wrap you up in a towel that came with a built-in hood? No? Well, probably it is quite a while ago but I do remember the feeling these hooded towels gave me – cozy, warm, safe. Mind you, I don’t think I could pull one of those towels off even if they came in adult size. Luckily there is a grown-up version now and they make perfect gifts for scuba divers: the fourth element storm poncho.
They are fleece-lined and quick drying and perfect to warm up between dives or to use as a changing tent if you are on a busy dive boat. Best of all – they are part of fourth element’s ocean positive collection. The storm poncho was made according to Bluesignยฎ technique meaning it is made with environmentally friendly techniques like using recycled yarns made out of plastic bottles.
An added bonus for Christmas – the red storm poncho will make you look like Santa!

Find the Storm Poncho here. 

Silver Hammerhead Necklace

Personally, I only wear gold jewelry but I am obsessed with this silver hammerhead necklace. Probably because I am dying to see a hammerhead in real life. Mind you, if you prefer mantas there is a necklace for you and if you just want to declare your love for scuba there are necklaces with tiny silver fins or a tank.

Ocean Reads

I realized that ever since I started diving I also love to read about diving. It feels like I discovered a whole new world and language – things that didn’t make much sense to me I now understand. Unfortunately, I also realized that there aren’t many great books out there about scuba diving and also the movie industry has been slacking and instead focused on junk like 45 Meters Down.
So I had to cast my net a little wider, pun fully intended, to bring you some great ocean reads to check out which may not focus solely on diving but will definitely entice the divers in your life.

The Swarm – My sister suggested this to me and I was immediately hooked and almost scared to get back in the water after finishing it. The Swarm is a somewhat harrowing tale of what we are doing to our oceans and how they one day may just fight back. Get The Swarm here.

The Surface Breaks – A Reimagining of the Little Mermaid – I always thought the Little Mermaid was a complete and utter fool, so I am having high hopes on this one which is supposed to be a feminist version of the original story. Get The Surface Breaks here. 

Shadow Divers – What a book – I couldn’t put this one down!It is based on a true story on how a German WWII U-boat was found off the coast of New Jersey in the 90s and how the crew discovered the boat’s secrets over many years and dives. Get Shadow Divers here.

Cynthia Rowley wetsuit

To be honest, I still don’t understand why most wetsuit companies can’t come up with something fun and if they try to why it is presumed that all women want to wear pink and purple (I certainly know I don’t). Luckily that is where Cynthia Rowley comes in with her cute shorties. Technically these wetsuits are not meant for diving but they work just fine in warm water (they are 2mm thick) and I am just so in love with the designs – have a look around as there are many different ones in various patterns and colors.

Mares Jax Mouthpiece

While a regulator is not only really pricey it is also very personal and without wanting to drop some serious cash and knowing exactly what the diver in your life likes it makes for a tricky scuba gift. That isn’t the case with a customizable mouthpiece. They are basically molded to your teeth and bite and thus incredibly comfortable. I got one once I realized that my new Scubapro regulator kept on pulling to one side and honestly made a huge difference with my breathing underwater.
Since Scubapro doesn’t make customizable mouthpieces I got one from Mares which will fit on a variety of regulators and makes for a nice, little scuba lover present.

Find the Mares Jax here. 

Shark Zipper Lunch Bag

I might be a tad too old for this but if someone were to give this cute shark zipper lunch bag to me for Christmas I would use it all the time. With that said, a perfect ocean lover gift for any age – after all, we all eat lunch, don’t we?!

Find the shark zipper lunch bag here.

Passport Holder

My passport holder was a promotional gift from the La Mamounia in Marrakech and I love it because it looks like Hermes. However, I think it is time for an upgrade and this is one from Girls That Scuba a great little scuba gift for traveling divers.

Find the GTS passport holder here. 

Scubapro Everflex

High on my personal wishlist is the Scubapro Everflex, a brand new wetsuit. As most divers will agree – getting in your wetsuit is the worst part of any dive and wearing a wetsuit is usually not the most flattering look you can sport. But the new Everflex is not only incredibly sleek looking (think Ninja meets Catwoman) but doesn’t have any zippers and is thus super comfortable and apparently really easy to get in and out.
Best of all, it is hailed as the industry’s first ‘green’ suit and made out of recycled materials and innovative manufacturing methods.

You can get the Everflex for women here and for men here.

Biotherm Waterlover

I am so excited that I have finally found a reef-friendly sunscreen that I absolutely love: Biotherm Waterlover. Since it is definitely on the pricey side I think this makes a great gift for scuba divers. Even if you don’t dive but plan to spend time in the water or snorkeling, this is the sunscreen for you!

Find Biotherm Waterlover here. 

Sun Bum Revitalizing 3 in 1 Leave-In Conditioner Spray

As you may know, I have the most insane hair which needs a ton of good conditioner on a regular day. Add to this multiple dives per day and my hair is basically unpenetrable. By sheer coincidence, I found this at a hotel gift shop in the Maldives and bought it on a whim for an upcoming liveaboard trip. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did because this stuff is a miracle for thick, curly, unruly hair and worth every cent. It was for the first time I wasn’t crying after a day of diving when I brushed my hair.

Find Sun Bum here. 

Dive Map

I have known Awesome Maps for a while but now they also offer a dive map with over 500 dive spots around the world – great to plan your next underwater adventures or reminisce where you have already been.
Their maps come in posters of paper or canvas, in a foldable version and even as a towel.

Find the dive map here.

Scuba Diving Certification

Last but not least you can always turn someone into a diver or into a better diver and get them a scuba certification. Depending on the location getting SSI or PADI certified isn’t too expensive and makes for a great present if you are already planning a holiday with your bestie or partner in an exotic location.

Read More: How to get your Scuba Certification & Officially become a Mermaid.

Alternatively, the Nitrox brevet makes for a great gift as it can be done out of the water, is relatively inexpensive but very useful in the long run especially if you are planning a liveaboard trip.

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