I don’t know about you but I have been eating Christmas treats for a month now, written posts about Christmas markets and generally made peace with the fact that silly season is just around the corner.
Admittedly my usual Christmas wishes include either money for a plane ticket or actually just spending time with family and friends. But this year there are a few things I have been eying and thought I would share with you and any travel-loving friends.

From pretty practical to just plain pretty, for a few dollars to ‘dear Santa, I have been especially good this year!’ here are my favorite gifts for travelers this year.

Globetrotting Gifts for Travelers

Looking for stylish gifts for travelers? Either for yourself or the other travelers in your life? Look no further - here is your globetrotting gift guide!

1 I love the idea behind Try the World as it literally allows you to try the world while staying home and a perfect gift for foodies. Each month you get a box with culinary delights from a specific country and for Christmas, the box is stuffed with Christmas foods from around the world. You can get a free Try the World box when you sign up here.

2 Your all time favorite alternative accommodation provider, Airbnb, now offers gift vouchers. Perfect gift for travelers who currently don’t have a home address. If you are new to Airbnb click here for a €30 off voucher!

3 I think few things are as ingenious as the Carry on Cocktail kits. All you need is an airline not stingy on the alcohol and you are good to go for a proper drink in high altitude. They have extended their range so this year you could celebrate Christmas with a Hot Toddy or a Champagne Cocktail in the air.

4 I will admit that this harness leather towel carrier might not be the most useful invention but I think it is oh so pretty. For the beach goer in your life that has everything it is perfect!

5 I have mentioned before how much I love my Labdanum Le Labo fragrance but I will admit that I give a sigh of relief whenever I arrive somewhere and the bottle is still intact. That’s why I think their solid versions which they have for all their scents are amazing – time for another New York visit!
Or you can just hop over to their website and order online, but where would be the fun in that?!

6 I have been using an old Emirates eye mask forever and think it is due time for an upgrade. For me or any other cat fan in your life, get this pretty satin eye mask cat.

7 I have openly admitted that I have never worn a pair of elephant pants but I would make an exception for these from The Elephant Pants as they donate a portion of every sale to the International Elephant Foundation. So you can be comfy in South East Asia (or after eating too many Christmas cookies) and help elephant conservation.

Pretty Practical Gifts for Travelers

Looking for stylish gifts for travelers? Either for yourself or the other travelers in your life? Look no further - here is your globetrotting gift guide!

8 Admittedly this is a present from a rich (sugar) daddy but oh, but a girl can dream. If you are not going to go for that Louis Vuitton steamer trunk a Rimowa suitcase is the next best (and more practical) thing and will last you a lifetime with their lifetime guarantee.

9 I have done yoga on various hotel towels, sarongs, stinky gym mats and while that is all well and good, nothing beats practicing on the road on a proper yoga travel mat.

10 I was lucky enough to get a passport cover from beautiful La Mamounia. If you are not heading to Marrakech anytime soon, you might be cheaper to get yourself one from Dolce & Gabbana.

11 I love weekender bags, in fact, I have way too many and not enough weekends in the year. But for the Catalina from Lo & Sons, I would make an exception. It comes in different sizes and has a separate bottom for shoes and heavier items.

12 While I adore my Lo & Sons camera bag, I still have an eye on this Tiny Atlas Quarterly Camera Backpack for more outdoorsy adventures. It is currently produced thanks to a crowdfunding campaign and you can get yours delivered in February 2017.

13 I have two extra battery packs for my phone but they are super heavy so I need this in my life: the mophie juice pack air – battery pack and iPhone case in one. Genius!

14 I am caving, mainly because I finally want to take decent underwater shots and do more video – thanks to my wonderful dad I am getting a GoPro Hero 7 this year. Yay for me! Get yours here, it is supposed the best GoPro yet.

15 Hand luggage only? No problem with these Lush solid shampoo & conditioner bars. They are convenient and amazing for all hair types, even when you have a head full of messy hair like me.

Paper Gifts for Travelers

Looking for stylish gifts for travelers? Either for yourself or the other travelers in your life? Look no further - here is your globetrotting gift guide!

16 The Gourmet Scratch Map is a perfect gift for a traveling foodie when he/she has to stay home. Scratch and recreate recipes from all over Europe!

17 On every packing list, there seems to be a deck of cards. Personally, I have never needed them. But if you are the playing cards type the Traveller’s Playing Cards are amazing as they also have useful phrases in English, French, and Spanish. Especially useful sentences like Do you have wifi? or Where’s the nearest ATM?

18 My favorite travel blogger? The Everywhereist of course. I cannot wait to read Geraldine’s first book All Over the Place: Adventures in Travel, True Love, and Petty Theft. It only comes out in May 2017 but you can already pre-order it now as a Christmas present!

19 In case you need to stay put for a while but still want to experience the world (or are out of wifi to go browsing): the Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel Coloring Book.

20 This must be one of my favorite things on this list ever and I don’t even use notepads often: Fictional Hotel Notepads of your favorite movie hotels including Kellerman’s (Dirty Dancing) The Empire Hotel (Vertigo), and The Overlook Hotel (The Shining).

21 Yes, we all love our leather-bound volumes or moleskin books, but come on now – there has never been a prettier travel diary than this interactive pop-up version by Christian Lacroix. Your Fashionista friends will love you forever!

22 Going somewhere? How about the perfect travel guide/map to take with? My current favorites include the Nancy Chandler Bangkok Map, the Lost Guides Bali or the awesome specialty guide maps from Herb Lester Associates.

Wants gifts for travelers that also do good? Check out my list from last year for some amazing charities from all over the world.

What’s on your traveling wishlist this year?

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links – after all, I got to buy Christmas gifts too! Find my affiliate disclaimer here

Looking for stylish gifts for travelers? Either for yourself or the other travelers in your life? Look no further - here is your globetrotting gift guide!


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