We hate New Year's resolutions, don't we?! I know I do and if I sometimes embrace them I do so just to break them fully consciously a few days later.
With that said, I had no intention on writing down my travel resolutions or wishes or plans as I have done before because right now I feel like all my resolutions, wishes and plans are more inwardly focussed and once that falls into place all the travel will follow.

But here I am with no intention of ever writing this post and then the rain started. Not many know this but Cape Town is currently experiencing the worst draught ever, meaning we don't shower longer than a minute, collect and reuse all water, don't flush very often. It is quite bad and summer has just started.
But today I woke up to crisp air and the sound of drops. I quickly ran outside to uncover all the buckets we have in place for occasions like this, actually getting my feet wet in the process - hurrah!

Call me sentimental but I took this rain as a sign. A sign of 2017 saying 'see I am not so bad after all' and a sign of good things to come in 2018. I think the whole world needs it. I know I need it.

So I changed my mind about writing a post about resolutions and wishes and plans, also because I personally find them inspiring to read. Sometimes a bit too airy fairy and Hallmark-card inspirational, but overall inspiring. Especially after I found this post by The American Girl, a travel writer and woman, I greatly admire. It was good to be reminded that not everything of 2017 was horrible (I already mentioned some amazing things I experienced in this post full of gratitude) and that even the truly hard things you may have experienced have already turned you into a better person. Also, they are done and you have survived.

As it is, I decided with the rain that rained on my parade of going to the beach today I may as well take a moment and reflect on things for 2018 and share them with you.
I do like the clean cut of starting a new year even though I don't particularly care for New Year's Eve. This year it feels particularly difficult as I had made different plans. Last year the guy and I had made plans via Skype for the two of us to celebrate New Year's Eve on a beach, alone, somewhere in the world this year. None of this is happening and even typing this still hurts.

But then there is this, my straw to hold on to these days:

"What is meant for you, will reach you even if it is beneath two mountains. What isn't meant for you, won't reach you even if it is between your two lips."

As far as I have been able to find out it is an Arab quote. I found it the other day in an IG story, took a screenshot and have been looking at it daily.

Need some more inspiration? Here are my non-resolutions 2018:

Fall in love. For real this time. Build a relationship and find a home within another person.

Interestingly enough I had this further down the list when in fact it is a priority for me right for next year. I am the Girl Who Travels but I do want a relationship and not travel alone anymore. I do however think, I need to work and sort out a lot of shit before it can happen. But still... I think it needs to be up here as my number one.

Meditate. Seriously everyone tells me the solution is in sitting still.

Laugh more. Like a lot. So that my belly hurts and I start snorting like a pig.

Love myself. That's a biggie for me and I am working hard on it.


Okay, I couldn't go completely without some travel here and while I have many other ideas running through my head for trips to come this one is probably the most exciting one.

Spend more time underwater. Being in/by/near the ocean makes me so happy.

Get fit. I am really not right now and it is bothering me. Gotta climb mountains and stuff!

Write another book.

Stop multitasking and focus more on what is in front of me. The word mindfulness comes to mind. And with that learning how to work smarter not harder.

Drink less alcohol. Starting January 3rd when my brother leaves, I want to do one month without. Which is ironic given that I am in South Africa and have been craving nice wine for the whole four months in Asia. But still, it needs to be now.

Trusting in life and learning the art of letting go. Whether that is things or people that are not meant for me or that don't serve me anymore.

What are your non-resolutions for 2018?

Non-Resolutions for 2018 | Noordhoek Beach | Cape Town | South Africa Non-Resolutions for 2018 | Noordhoek Beach | Cape Town | South Africa Non-Resolutions for 2018 | Noordhoek Beach | Cape Town | South Africa

Non-Resolutions for 2018 | Noordhoek Beach | Cape Town | South Africa