Bangkok. Some love it, some hate it as I was surprised to learn on my most recent trip to Thailand. I personally was shaking my head at those who couldn’t wait to get away to either chill on the beaches in the south or hike through the jungles up north. They just don’t get it, I thought. It actually took a lot not to shout at these people and demand to know: how can you not love Bangkok? What’s wrong with you? But in the end I decided that of course it was alright, different people like different places. So you don’t have to love Bangkok like I do, because that means I can have it all to myself.

I came across to this song by coincidence when I was editing this post and I thought it was the perfect song for it.* I recommend you listen while you read and go and get the album, just to hear his beautiful words and the whole song. He took my breath away;  just like love sometimes does. 

I travelled with a boyfriend exactly twice and I think it left me a bit wary of the concept of traveling par deux. Sorry, no great travel love story coming up.

I’m a big daydreamer. Daydreaming is wonderful. When I was younger I dreamed about guys and about becoming a musical star, Broadway was calling my name and that’s how Daniel Craig would find out about and subsequently fall in love with me. That dream came to an end when I didn’t make the audition for the trial semester at an acting school in Hamburg. But when I read an article about F.I.T. in New York two years later, my daydreaming took another turn and I gratefully learned that sometimes dreaming does lead to dreams coming true.

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