WELCOME. I'm Annika and the Midnight Blue Elephant is my blog. I travel between adventure and luxury and some of my favorite things are finding Nemo, noodles & champagne! Keen to come looking with me?

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A few weeks ago I was invited to Egypt. While I was planning to walk like an Egyptian and follow in the footsteps of my aunt who is convinced she was Cleopatra in a former life, there was none of this to be found in El Gouna where I stayed. Admittedly I was a little disappointed at first. That was until they strapped me on a wakeboard, fed me tiger prawns till I burst, and I went looking for little Nemo under the (red) sea. Can you find him?

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I recently wrote a story for the Travelettes about experiences. So often we seem to have a destination bucket list, but for me it is really all about the things I want to do and see rather than just places. One of the things I really want to experience now is Christmas time at home.

You could assume that I have traveling down to an art by now. But the truth is…I really don’t. When I have to pack, I sit in front of my suitcase paralyzed, I sleep really badly if I have to catch an early flight, and despite never being late for anything, I always manage to run into trouble on my way to the airport, cutting it too short for my liking all the time. Part of this art is also not leaving your passport at home when you want to fly to New York. Nope, I don’t have this art down.

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Two recent events inspired this post: A friend of mine is going to be in Essaouria for six weeks and while she is super excited to be in a new country, she also has lots of questions and anxieties about it. And while that is obviously normal, it seems that Morocco is still portrayed in a way that as a woman you should be more anxious than excited if you go there on your own. Following suit with this sentiment I just read a post about how to behave which to me seemed to more discouraging than anything. I’m not going to post the link, because I don’t want to seem like I’m bashing someone else’s opinion, but ultimately that’s what it was – one person’s opinion. With that said, I thought I would give you my own as I will tell it to my friend.

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When I was born my brother who draws really well made a drawing of my mother and I that showed a mother giraffe and baby giraffe. Probably inspired by the fact that my mother has a somewhat long neck and that I was a tall 59cm when I was born. So I think giraffes were predestined to be my spirit animals.

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