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In case you are hoping for a Craigslist ad here – sorry! – this is about the other missed connections…

My friend Kathi was on her way to Lusaka to meet her dad for a Kilimanjaro holiday when she missed her connection in Dubai and got stranded for the night. As it wasn’t her own fault, she was pretty pissed with the airline and also worried for her dad who had to be by himself in a foreign city for the first night. When she told me on Skype I, on the other hand, was quite excited for her – I love Dubai and missed connections are my best

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While it is called Home, this is my favorite travel song. Here is why..


Every city has an identity that goes beyond its sights and even beyond its inhabitants. It has a sound that it as distinct as a fingerprint and it also has a smell. For me, it is the smell that either makes me love that place or hate it. Smells are my strongest memory triggers which connect me to people and to places. They let me forget time and distance and have the ability to take me back, near or far, to certain places and sometimes even to certain events at a certain place.

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It’s cold in Hamburg. So cold in fact that you wouldn’t believe it’s May and that you might be tempted to eat soup all day if you liked soup. Me, I’m not a fan of soup. I like the stuff that you put in soup but when I have the choice I eat that stuff on its own. Neither am I a big breakfast person. Yes, I know most important meal of the day and so on, but I could never muster up any excitement for breakfast. For one, you can’t really eat pasta for breakfast and also who has time to spend in the kitchen in the morning? That time is better spent sleeping in my opinion

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Before I left for Marrakech I made myself a little shopping list as one has to do when traveling to a country like Morocco, full of stuff that you would want to stuff your home with. I had to ignore my friend’s request for a Berber carpet in neon colors for transport space reasons as I was on a mission to finally get plates and glasses for my future home.

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