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It’s cold in Hamburg. So cold in fact that you wouldn’t believe it’s May and that you might be tempted to eat soup all day if you liked soup. Me, I’m not a fan of soup. I like the stuff that you put in soup but when I have the choice I eat that stuff on its own. Neither am I a big breakfast person. Yes, I know most important meal of the day and so on, but I could never muster up any excitement for breakfast. For one, you can’t really eat pasta for breakfast and also who has time to spend in the kitchen in the morning? That time is better spent sleeping in my opinion

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Before I left for Marrakech I made myself a little shopping list as one has to do when traveling to a country like Morocco, full of stuff that you would want to stuff your home with. I had to ignore my friend’s request for a Berber carpet in neon colors for transport space reasons as I was on a mission to finally get plates and glasses for my future home.


In hindsight, it is a bad idea to visit the Jardin Majorelle on a Saturday morning during high season in Marrakech. But then again, everything is bound to be just as crowded with Marrakech straw hat wearing tourists (just in case you forget where you are!) and at least crowded shadow is better than no shadow. If I was worried I wouldn’t be getting enough sun in early May in Marrakech, I shouldn’t have been; it is now 10.30am and the taxi driver proudly tells me that we are suffering in 40°. Then he calls me a Marrakeshia, which is far from the truth, but makes me happy nonetheless and earns him a big tip.

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Some people need to have seen it all, in order to make a recommendation. I do want to see it all, but till I get there I have no problem to say: Marrakech, Cape Town and Bangkok are awesome – go visit, now! So you could rightfully call me biased when I tell you that Koh Tao is the island on the Gulf coast to be, but I don’t care. And again – go visit, now! After all Koh Tao means Turtle Island and what more do you really need in a holiday destination?

The Bangkok Flower Market is one of my favorite places in the world. A place of orchids galore and the birthplace of long-stemmed roses and rose petals.

The colors are almost too bright. The smell of Jasmine and something green infuses the air, making it even more humid, but also unbelievably delicious and fresh. The sidewalks are slippery, flip flops are not a great idea. People are pushing along, there is some typical somewhat friendly bartering and instead of fresh fish here you get garlands on ice. Welcome to the Bangkok Flower Market!

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