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The beaches, the wine, Table Mountain, the penguins, the food, Cape Point - here are my favorite reasons to visit Cape Town. A picture perfect post.

Cape Town frequently gets voted as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. I think it is a combination of mountains, ocean and charming buildings that does the trick for most. I do official know the reasons to visit Cape Town which make it so very appealing. I remember a time when I was incredibly grateful to have a commute with either a mountain or an ocean view, I tend to not be awed by the city’s beauty anymore. I lived there for too long and with that, I think came a mix of taking it for granted and also being able to look behind the scenes. The traffic is still horrid, all charming buildings are owned by white people and the mountain regularly burns because people are assholes.

Why travel alone? The reasons are plenty and some are quite personal. I share the true reason why I travel alone and it may not be what you think.

I am sitting in a beautiful hotel outside of Marrakech. It is one of many beautiful hotels I have recently visited and there are some more to come. And while I can appreciate them on the outside – I mean have you seen my Instagram lately?! – deep down I really wish I could savor each of them more. Savor their beauty, their wonderful Moroccan hospitality, the marble floors, the mint tea I have missed so much, and crispy msemen for breakfast and to most of all, not take them for granted, wishing myself far away.

The monkey forest in Ubud is the place for monkey business in Bali. Here I share where to stay and how to make the most of a visit.

People like hotels that feel like home. I disagree. Strongly. While I technically don’t have a home right now, I think the whole point of staying in a hotel is that it ain’t like home. I want crisp linens and someone who makes my bed (a habit I have not gotten into ever not even as an adult), I love a minibar and pretend it’s always free, and I love making a mess within 5 minutes because I know I can leave the next day and will just move said mess into my suitcase.
No, really, I don’t mind that hotels are nothing like a home. Having that said, though, there are some I would like to make my home.

Looking for a little Cape Town weekend getaway? Drive up the West Coast and find sleepy Britannia Bay, perfect for doing nothing!

I am sitting at Cape Town airport. Once again, I am writing a post as it is tradition. I never seem to leave Cape Town indifferent, I always seem to have something to say when I sit here, depending on the hour G&T or coffee in hand. Same procedure as every year.

This time around, my feet are bouncing with excitement. And while my heart is beating faster at the thought of what lies ahead, I can feel my throat tightening. With the excitement ahead comes the inevitable goodbye to my friends, my family, and my home. The usual heartbreak.

How long have you been flying for? Here's to a history of flying and its memorable moments.

I love flying. Sometimes I am envious of people who get to fly even more than I do. And I don’t mean the business travelers who go from Munich to Hamburg twice a week and return that same night. If you can’t even watch a whole movie it doesn’t count!
I love long-distance flights; being in my flight bubble, watching all the movies, and even the airplane food. Call me a weirdo, there is something oddly satisfying to me about eating food out of little containers and drinking free wine in the afternoon (because there is always wine o’clock somewhere in the world and plane calories don’t count!).

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