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Looking for a little Cape Town weekend getaway? Drive up the West Coast and find sleepy Britannia Bay, perfect for doing nothing!

I am sitting at Cape Town airport. Once again, I am writing a post as it is tradition. I never seem to leave Cape Town indifferent, I always seem to have something to say when I sit here, depending on the hour G&T or coffee in hand. Same procedure as every year.

This time around, my feet are bouncing with excitement. And while my heart is beating faster at the thought of what lies ahead, I can feel my throat tightening. With the excitement ahead comes the inevitable goodbye to my friends, my family, and my home. The usual heartbreak.

How long have you been flying for? Here's to a history of flying and its memorable moments.

I love flying. Sometimes I am envious of people who get to fly even more than I do. And I don’t mean the business travelers who go from Munich to Hamburg twice a week and return that same night. If you can’t even watch a whole movie it doesn’t count!
I love long-distance flights; being in my flight bubble, watching all the movies, and even the airplane food. Call me a weirdo, there is something oddly satisfying to me about eating food out of little containers and drinking free wine in the afternoon (because there is always wine o’clock somewhere in the world and plane calories don’t count!).

A Foodie's Guide to Ubud Restaurants for the best Balinese and international eateries, from casual to fancy, for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

I did not stay in Ubud for very long and only realized that it definitely hadn’t been long enough when it was too late. Ubud is quite wonderful and despite being very touristy I immediately liked its vibe and its restaurant scene.
Honestly, I was not a big fan of Indonesian food in general, but Ubud may as well have been on a different planet – the food options were amazing and I was sad not to get to eat everywhere I wanted. Or to eat certain dishes again and again. Yes, I’m looking at you, Gado Gado!

Keen to go on a solo trip but something is holding you back? Good news, I wrote a book about solo travel to inspire you & answer all your questions.

I am sitting in the same spot I sat almost a year ago. It is one of my happy places, my cousin’s house in Hout Bay. I spent a few weeks here last year in this house that is always full and usually loud – I love it. I would curl up in the corner of her couch and write. I didn’t mind the background noises of 5+ kids, countless cats, and dogs including Lizzie, the bullterrier. In fact, the lack of solitude always seems to inspire rather than annoy me.
On January 26th, 2016 I received an email titled “Die Kunst des Alleinreisens” – The Art of Traveling Solo. An editor of the prestigious Rowohlt Verlag in Germany asked me if I might be interested in writing a book about solo travel for them. My immediate reaction was to send an email back titled “are you fucking kidding me?!”.

Looking for a little Cape Town weekend getaway? Drive up the West Coast and find sleepy Britannia Bay, perfect for doing nothing!

I think we can all agree that the world has gone a bit mad right now, regardless of which side of the political rainbow you stand. And with this mad world, the question comes up again and again if travel blogger should talk about politics or if it is none of our effing business. There seems to be no right or wrong… damn it if you do, damn it if you don’t.

I won’t talk about politics right now, though.

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