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Looking for a summery winter getaway? 25 Cape Town travel tips on what to do, see and eat in the Mothercity these holidays.

Driving home for Christmas… this song is on my mind today though I am not driving, but flying and I am not directly on my way home. Well, sort of – I am on my way to my second home, Cape Town, to spend an extended two-month holiday with my family and celebrate Christmas with them. I have also convinced my brother to come with me for a little holiday which I thought was going to be a piece of work. I have written a love letter to Cape Town and a post on what to do in winter

I was very much looking forward to the Brazilian food. Meat galore, avocados, the mysterious açai, caipirinhas and even the every day special, rice and beans, seemed so enticing. When I told my aunt, who had lived in Rio for many decades, that I wanted to do a food tour, she told me not to bother. I was a bit deflated, but honestly, I didn’t quite believe her. Surely any part of South America had a foodie destination

You were always intrigued by the idea of diving? But also a little scared? Read on - my diving beginners guide to get your first toe in the water.

Well, if you have managed to be and breathe underwater I guess you can dive. Sort of. Honestly, I had no idea that there was so much more to diving than getting my certifications. I have written about some basics on how to get the first toe in the water here.
This time, I wanted to go a little deeper (literally). Because it only dawned on me that I had no real idea what I was doing even as an advanced open water diver (AOW) when I got to Sipadan.

What is so special about an airport arrival hall? While we say the road is the destination there is a beauty to simply arriving.

The other day I fetched a friend from the train station. I kind of didn’t want to as it was late in the evening, chilly and misty outside, warm and cozy at home. But I went anyway. The train was on time for a change and my friend, stepping out of the door, smiled at me. I smiled too and all was well on this chilly night all of a sudden

Life is short. Something we have just realized again. Some thoughts on Paris, that short life and how to live it to the fullest.

I had planned such a different post. A happy post. But today is not a happy day. This whole weekend isn’t a happy weekend. No TGIF for the world.
My colleague said to me on Friday “Oooh, it’s Friday the 13th today!” and I laughed and said “What? Do you want me to be scared now?!”. Now feel like I jinxed it.
All thoughts I had then now feel callous and silly. The news arrived late here as I am in a little Brazilian town with limited internet access. When I heard something about soccer in France and I didn’t care much – after all, the exciting games against Brazil were done right in front of my hotel.

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