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Traveling South Africa. What does that entail? Do we have to see the good, the bad and the ugly? I say you should, otherwise it's just another holiday.

There are six kids at the table, five adults, and two more kids who are technically old enough to count as grown-ups. Three are black, two are colored, one has white hair, one has corn-rows, and one is bleached blonde. Ages 7 – 70. Ginger, the cat, is probably even older if there was such a thing like cat years. My aunt strokes him lovingly and declares that ‘Opa’, her husband, and Ginger have much in common: they both miss when they pee. Everybody roares with laughter, we are not used to her making fun on behalf of her husband, but even he chuckles and uses the incident as an excuse for another whiskey

As much as I love Marrakech, sometimes it is nice to get out of the city to catch some fresh air. No better place to do that than in beautiful Essaouira.

The air is fresh in the morning and has the typical salty smell that is common to most ocean towns. Roads are still quiet, most shops still closed which allows for a lot more space as they usually spill over onto the road. The town is still asleep it seems

Are we travelers supposed to be objective? Can we really declare a country part of a worst travel destinations list for personal reasons?

Are travelers supposed to be objective? Especially when we write about our travels… Do we have to live and write by some moral code to give each country a fair chance and report all the facts? Or are we not just human and are allowed to be deeply disappointed by a country? So disappointed that we want to stomp our feet and long for our mum back home because we dislike it so much and it feels a bit like having your heart broken

Remember I promised you to come back from Brazil with a great Caipirinha recipe?! I took that job very seriously and drank A LOT of them, just for educational purposes of course.
To be quite honest I never much liked Caipirinha before. If I had the choice I would always go for a Mojito instead. Even when I drank my last one in Germany for picture purposes I was a bit underwhelmed and not really looking forward to them
That all changed with my first sip of a real Brazilian Caipirinha and the realization that it is the best dish I would find here. Yes, that’s right I am calling it a dish

Where did you spend Christmas this year? Was it properly warm and sunny like mine or oddly spring-like as it was in Europe?

After moving back to Germany, I managed all but one winter and one Christmas at home before I realized I am just not made for the cold. I couldn’t foresee the spring-like temperatures this year and decided that another festive season in the cold was not an option. I wanted sun! However, the idea of sitting in some island paradise – as appealing as that usually sounds – wasn’t right for Christmas. In fact, I think I would hate it. I understand why people who are on the road don’t waste money on going home for a weekend, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

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