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Remember I promised you to come back from Brazil with a great Caipirinha recipe?! I took that job very seriously and drank A LOT of them, just for educational purposes of course.
To be quite honest I never much liked Caipirinha before. If I had the choice I would always go for a Mojito instead. Even when I drank my last one in Germany for picture purposes I was a bit underwhelmed and not really looking forward to them
That all changed with my first sip of a real Brazilian Caipirinha and the realization that it is the best dish I would find here. Yes, that’s right I am calling it a dish

Where did you spend Christmas this year? Was it properly warm and sunny like mine or oddly spring-like as it was in Europe?

After moving back to Germany, I managed all but one winter and one Christmas at home before I realized I am just not made for the cold. I couldn’t foresee the spring-like temperatures this year and decided that another festive season in the cold was not an option. I wanted sun! However, the idea of sitting in some island paradise – as appealing as that usually sounds – wasn’t right for Christmas. In fact, I think I would hate it. I understand why people who are on the road don’t waste money on going home for a weekend, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

I know I said all I wanted for Christmas was time with my family in South Africa and some bubbly. But truth to be told, I also have quite an extensive travel wish list in my head. This list is not only about specific destinations, but the experiences to be had in these places. After all, what is the point of going anywhere if you just end up sitting in your hotel room. Unless it is a very special hotel which brings me to number one on my wishlist – Dear Santa, here is my travel wish list..

Going to Brazil and not sure what to pack? Check out my ultimate yet slightly different Brazil packing list for what to take and what not to take.

Quite frankly I find a travel packing list a bit useless. I mean do you really need someone to tell you how many undies you need for a week abroad? According to my father, it is three, but he also needs seven pairs of socks, so that lets me think the decision is a rather personal one, sometimes devoid of all logic.

Need the perfect Christmas gift for a traveler? Well, I put together a little different travel gift guide to make this truly the season of giving.

What do you want for Christmas?

I want to spend Christmas in the sun with my family, drink a few bottles of bubbly and go diving. Not necessarily in this order. I don’t want stuff, I want time with loved ones and see Cape Seals. Of course, getting here cost money so when my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told them – family celebrations in Cape Town and diving! I didn’t want anything that could collect dust at some point.

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