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How do you make the most of a missed connection? On a 48-hour trip via Dubai to Jakarta I learned what to do and what not to do.

Remember my Indonesia journey post? How I raved about the beauty of missed connections, of being stuck not in translation but transition, of just accepting that life sometimes comes with inevitable delays and how we should enjoy them instead of fighting a fruitless fight against them. Yeah, I take that one back!

Everybody raves about traveling on your own. Today I want to speak about the downside of solo travel, of selfie sticks and dinner for one.

I am about to embark on a three months trip to Indonesia to work on a very exciting project I cannot quite yet reveal. When the plan took form in my mind, it seemed the logical thing to do. Why work from home if I could work from Indonesia and go diving on the weekends and get massages every day? Honestly, such is my logic for making decisions!

My flight leaves next Wednesday and only now does it hit me – while I have been traveling more than ever over the past year, I have not ever been ‘away’ for three months. I was in Cape Town for two over Christmas, but Cape Town is home and not ‘away’.

With that realization, the doubt crept in.

Keen for some real New York insider tips? Here you go - finally out the ultimate Elephant guide to NYC from an almost real New Yorker!

Does the world need another New York guide?

That is a question I asked myself before sitting down to write one of my own. And the honest answer is – probably not.

I love New York, and I think you will either love it (or hate it) too no matter what you do. Then again, I know I like guides and inspiration myself. I also know that I am pretty good at finding cool places, you may even call me a truffle pig when it comes to finding restaurants, hotels, and things to do. And no, I am not just very full of myself, my mother said it first! You know that mothers are always right

“Don’t know much about history…” Well, I am actually a complete history geek. My high school history teacher was great and ignited a big interest and love for anything old in me (No, not in him! He looked anything but Indiana Jones…). So needless to say I was beyond excited when we arrived at Cinnamon Habarana Lodge and were not only greeted by a gazillion monkeys but also by our very own archeology professor.

What would you do if you had one day in New York? Follow me in a New York minute and I will show you the perfect day in the city that never sleeps.

The other day I complained that I haven’t had a proper holiday with all my traveling. Well, I didn’t really complain because that would be silly and ungrateful but the fact is that my week in New York for my friend’s wedding in June was the closest that has come to a holiday in a few years. And then again, New York, love it or hate it, is never a holiday

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