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Want to discover Indonesia beyond Bali? Here is an introduction of some of the Indonesian islands & cities I recently visited and what they have to offer.

I am writing this post as I sit in my beautiful Airbnb in Ubud, Bali and loving life. So with that, no, the irony of that title isn’t lost on me.
When I told people I was gonna go to Bali for three months, I actually meant Indonesian islands yet to be determined. I wasn’t particularly keen on following the Eat, Pray, Love cliche of a thirty-something single woman writing a book in Bali waiting for Javier Bardem to find her (though I wouldn’t mind that very much). I just didn’t really know what else Indonesia had to offer and what it would be like.

Looking for the best outdoor shower a hotel in Sri Lanka will offer? Look no further but head to the countryside of Galle and you will find paradise too.

I have made no secret of the fact that I adore outdoor showers and think they are pretty much the sexiest thing alive. Sexier than champagne and four-poster beds. Mind you, I haven’t put that theory in practice, so far the only company I had in my outdoor showers was wildlife, but I am not giving up hope quite yet.

I don’t do many techy gear posts because mainly I am not a very techy person. I am still waiting for my camera bag to arrive and stuff all my cables in an old Azzedine Alaïa shoe bag (at least they are traveling in style) and hope for the best. I don’t own a GoPro or know how to make Siri gives me actual useful answers. However, I have recently acquired a little piece of ‘gear’ that has since turned my life upside down and improved my quality of living using my phone so much better. Especially taking pictures with my phone has gotten so much easier that it has got me quite excited. So today, I thought I should share as everybody who has seen me with it, seems to love the idea but not many have gotten it yet. 

How do you make the most of a missed connection? On a 48-hour trip via Dubai to Jakarta I learned what to do and what not to do.

Remember my Indonesia journey post? How I raved about the beauty of missed connections, of being stuck not in translation but transition, of just accepting that life sometimes comes with inevitable delays and how we should enjoy them instead of fighting a fruitless fight against them. Yeah, I take that one back!

Everybody raves about traveling on your own. Today I want to speak about the downside of solo travel, of selfie sticks and dinner for one.

I am about to embark on a three months trip to Indonesia to work on a very exciting project I cannot quite yet reveal. When the plan took form in my mind, it seemed the logical thing to do. Why work from home if I could work from Indonesia and go diving on the weekends and get massages every day? Honestly, such is my logic for making decisions!

My flight leaves next Wednesday and only now does it hit me – while I have been traveling more than ever over the past year, I have not ever been ‘away’ for three months. I was in Cape Town for two over Christmas, but Cape Town is home and not ‘away’.

With that realization, the doubt crept in.

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