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Sometimes I honestly forget how lucky I am. I know I shouldn’t but I do. Luckily there are other times when it hits me. The past couple of days it hit me often. I did when I leaned back against the headrest of a landrover we were driving and just looked up into a night sky that had more stars than not. It also did when I sat a few meters away from three lion cubs suckle. And of course, it did when I finally got to take a giraffe selfie. I am a lucky girl.Something most people dream of - going on safari in Africa. I was lucky to experience one at Phinda, South Africa and with it three lion cubs in the wild.

To be or not to be and how does it actually work to be with the girl who travels?

I am a girl who travels a lot and with that occur certain restrictions when it comes to falling in love and dating. Well, I wouldn’t actually call them restrictions but some may and for a lack of better word, let’s go with that.
My love affairs usually start somewhere in the world and end when I return home. You could see that metaphorically or simply as a side-effect of a traveler’s modern day life: online dating and the fact that I get to know guys digitally first when I travel. I don’t do dinner and a movie for a first date, I get lost in the medina of Marrakech or stroll through Soho for a bite at my favorite restaurant and will take him with me usually one my phone.

How about spending a night at the prison hotel Helsinki and staying in for a night? Perfect place for a little travel break.

Last night I dreamed of prison. Not in an Orange is the New Black kind of way nor in a really scary way but more as a gentle nudge that I still need to tell you about the time I went to prison

Need some good reasons and inspiration to go to Sri Lanka? Check out my favorite twenty-something Sri Lanka photos & go now!

While I can and will tell you all the good reasons why you should go to Sri Lanka immediately, sometimes a picture says more than any wordy post of mine ever could. Now imagine what twenty could do. So with that, I give you the twenty 23 (because I couldn’t decide!!) Sri Lanka photos that will make you want to book a flight immediately (something you can do here)!

A different kind of travel blogger and what it's like to travel as a Muslim woman. A guest post by Amanda from Maroc Mama.

Travelers are a funny bunch and travel bloggers even more so. While we try to be distinctive non-tourists and go against the cliches that come with being one, we end up living up to our own stereotypes more often than not. The guys are rugged adventurers living the life of Point Break while winning awards for their photographs of yet another mountain and the girls have sun bleached hair, slim yoga/beach bodies and are sponsored by swimwear companies that make Brazilian cut bikinis.
Of course, I am exaggerating but take a look on Instagram and these are the images that pop up more often than not.
I am neither.

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