The Verona opera is only one of the many reasons why a trip to this picturesque Italian town was in order. More city tips from the 2nd day of the Verona Travel Diaries.

Our second day was fully devoted to the arts & culture Verona has to offer and started with a stroll to the Castelvecchio. As the day was absolutely stunning we didn’t go inside but rather strolled over the Adige river

Travel diaries: Get some great Verona city tips for the city of Romeo & Juliet. From where to stay, what to eat and where to find Giulietta.

My dad and I travel well together, we like the same things – food, wine, history, and napping – and usually at pretty much the same time. And even on the few non-city trips we did, he proved adventurous beyond his years and followed me willingly up an active volcano and even shed his socks to not look like a German in Namibia.
For this year’s trip, however, we went back to the good old faithful mix and added in some extra culture: an opera in Verona. My dad had been many times and so he became the official tour guide for our trip, a welcome change for me the traveling control freak organizer


Family lore says that my conception in Venice was responsible for my otherworldly love for pasta. I like the story enough to stick with it and to this day I am happiest, food-wise, when in Italy. When I lived in South Africa I was super excited to take my new boyfriend, let’s call him Larry, not only home to meet my family, but also to Rome. What could be more romantic than sharing la dolce vita and a bowl of pasta in the eternal city during the steamy summer months? Or so I thought…

I recently read a post about how you get the best souvenirs at local grocery stores. Of course that was before I had my evernote account and therefore don’t remember the blog nor do I have the link, but the concept really stuck with me. Especially because I love grocery stores in foreign countries and could spend hours browsing, even if it is just a simple 7-Eleven in Thailand (I mean, can we talk about their awesome toasted ham and cheese sandwiches?!).