Want to know what really happened at the ITB 2016 and how to do it best? What happens at ITB doesn't stay at ITB...

This week I was incredibly busy with work. Yes, with real work and not with taking pictures of my toes on the beach. Apparently this is what some people think, travel bloggers do all day. And while I’m guilty of the occasional toe-selfie too, I was a bit offended by the notion too. Not only am I work working this week I was also work working last week. I got back from Berlin on Saturday where I attended ITB for the first time one of the biggest travel fairs in the world.I was supposed to attend last year on behalf of Travelettes, but Emirates stuffed me in business class and flew me to Thailand instead. Sorry, but not sorry.

Want to save water? Easy enough, stop it while using STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! products. I am giving away one of their awesome travel kits!

I think by now I am a pretty smart traveler and packer. I know which bag to take, not to pack too much (ehem, usually) and whether the hotel products are nice enough that I can leave my shampoo behind. However, the one thing I still struggle with is toothpaste. I always forget it and I am honestly not sure why. When I used to travel for work in New York I spent a fortune over the years on hotel toothpaste, because I could never remember my own and apparently that’s where most 5-star hotels seem to make their money

Great Hamburg restaurants can be a bit hard to come by to be honest, but luckily we were heading to the Off Club for 10 courses of heaven.

Despite Hamburg showing off its finest weather, we decided to sleep in and play with the 25hours’ door tags to keep the overeager room service out.

Follow the travel diaries home: Hamburg it is! We are staying at the 25hours hotel and use the extra hour we gain to explore the city. If there is anything better and fancier than staying at a nice hotel, it is staying at a nice hotel in your own city. Can you imagine anything more decadent? Believe me I like the idea of ‘home’ as much as the next person, but there is something wonderfully indulgent about crisp linens, room service, and not having to make the bed in the moring yourself. Not that I actually make my bed in any case, but still…


I used to be in love with Hamburg. As a little girl, it was the highlight of my year when my mother and I would come here for a long weekend to visit my brother. We would go shop in the Hanseviertel where – forget H&M – all I wanted were some penguin shaped bath pearls at the fancy cosmetic store and lunch at Mövenpick. The latter was especially exciting as you had to take a glass elevator which had a view over the entire mall while it took you into ice cream heaven.

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