Are we travelers allowed to downright dislike like a place? And do we dare to say it out loud when everybody else loves it?
I didn’t like Vietnam. There I said it, judge away. But while you judge me I will have you know that nobody was more upset about this feeling than me. I wanted to come to Vietnam and love it; the country, the history, the people, and the landscapes – what was not to love? But when I got there I just felt disappointed. Saigon was loud and rainy with the most impossible streets to cross but at the same time devoid of the charm that other Asian cities like Bangkok have. The coastline was nice, but couldn’t measure up to Thailand and the stunning beauty of Halong Bay couldn’t make up for the shortcomings of the rest.

bun cha_pho_vietnam_hanoi_midnight blue elephant

It’s cold in Hamburg. So cold in fact that you wouldn’t believe it’s May and that you might be tempted to eat soup all day if you liked soup. Me, I’m not a fan of soup. I like the stuff that you put in soup but when I have the choice I eat that stuff on its own. Neither am I a big breakfast person. Yes, I know most important meal of the day and so on, but I could never muster up any excitement for breakfast. For one, you can’t really eat pasta for breakfast and also who has time to spend in the kitchen in the morning? That time is better spent sleeping in my opinion

Halong Bay is easily one of the spectacular UNESCO heritage sites there are and whether you like boats in general, don't miss out on a junk cruise here.

My sole motivation to go to Vietnam was to eat as many fresh spring rolls as possible. I was reminded of that reason yesterday at a fancy cocktail party where they served some, but introduced them as summer rolls. Which is what they are only called elsewhere but not in Vietnam. I dare to say you will get blank looks when you order summer rolls there. Nevertheless they were actually pretty good, at least as far as Vietnamese food outside of Vietnam goes that you get at a cocktail party. Good enough to make me miss it, so I spent the evening eating more rolls than appropriate while trying to inauspiciously google cheap flights to Vietnam.