One of Sri Lanka's highlights is the historical town of Galle. What to do in Galle, where to sleep, what to eat & how to get there in this guide!

Oh, Sri Lanka, how you have stolen my heart! I know, I sound a bit pathetic and you may laugh at me, that’s alright. But honestly, this country… I miss it already (while I am sitting in Bali so talk about #travelbloggerproblems here).

Still, it is what it is. I fell head over heels in love with Sri Lanka. Part of the charm was a picture perfect first destination to ease into: Galle.

Looking for the best outdoor shower a hotel in Sri Lanka will offer? Look no further but head to the countryside of Galle and you will find paradise too.

I have made no secret of the fact that I adore outdoor showers and think they are pretty much the sexiest thing alive. Sexier than champagne and four-poster beds. Mind you, I haven’t put that theory in practice, so far the only company I had in my outdoor showers was wildlife, but I am not giving up hope quite yet.

“Don’t know much about history…” Well, I am actually a complete history geek. My high school history teacher was great and ignited a big interest and love for anything old in me (No, not in him! He looked anything but Indiana Jones…). So needless to say I was beyond excited when we arrived at Cinnamon Habarana Lodge and were not only greeted by a gazillion monkeys but also by our very own archeology professor.

Need some good reasons and inspiration to go to Sri Lanka? Check out my favorite twenty-something Sri Lanka photos & go now!

While I can and will tell you all the good reasons why you should go to Sri Lanka immediately, sometimes a picture says more than any wordy post of mine ever could. Now imagine what twenty could do. So with that, I give you the twenty 23 (because I couldn’t decide!!) Sri Lanka photos that will make you want to book a flight immediately (something you can do here)!

Looking for the ultimate luxury hotel in Sri Lanka? Look no further but head to Galle to stay at the historic Amangalla, the luxury institution in town.

Where are the men in white linen suits and Panama hats? That is all that is missing to complete the image. But there are only some guys in shorts who look oddly misplaced. I am not sure, but at least I am wearing a long black dress, so I think I am all right if not picture perfect. It’s not that the former New Oriental Hotel in Galle is so fancy that someone would request you not to wear shorts or Havaianas in my case, it is so fancy and beautifully old fashioned that you think you should dress up.

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