Keen to find seahorses and get a thai bikini body? I will show you where and how - a mini guide to Ao Nang, Thailand.

Thailand is always a good idea and clouds make for better pictures. At least, that’s what I am trying to tell myself after I see the view from the balcony at the Ao Nang Cliff Resort.

The monkey forest in Ubud is the place for monkey business in Bali. Here I share where to stay and how to make the most of a visit.

People like hotels that feel like home. I disagree. Strongly. While I technically don’t have a home right now, I think the whole point of staying in a hotel is that it ain’t like home. I want crisp linens and someone who makes my bed (a habit I have not gotten into ever not even as an adult), I love a minibar and pretend it’s always free, and I love making a mess within 5 minutes because I know I can leave the next day and will just move said mess into my suitcase.
No, really, I don’t mind that hotels are nothing like a home. Having that said, though, there are some I would like to make my home.

A Foodie's Guide to Ubud Restaurants for the best Balinese and international eateries, from casual to fancy, for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

I did not stay in Ubud for very long and only realized that it definitely hadn’t been long enough when it was too late. Ubud is quite wonderful and despite being very touristy I immediately liked its vibe and its restaurant scene.
Honestly, I was not a big fan of Indonesian food in general, but Ubud may as well have been on a different planet – the food options were amazing and I was sad not to get to eat everywhere I wanted. Or to eat certain dishes again and again. Yes, I’m looking at you, Gado Gado!

Want to know why the Amankila in Bali is such an amazing resort? The view, the beach, the infinity pool - as easy as ABC to fall in love with it!

Today I want to show you more of my recent favorite hotels: the Amankila in Bali. Here I got to spend a couple of nights and attend their on-site wellness retreat which was pure heaven. But honestly, even without the retreat a stay at this hotel would have been pure joy.

If you find yourself in Bali and want to splurge for a night or two, this is the place for you. Why? Glad you ask! Read on…the why the Amankila is so amazing ABC here.

Looking for the last secret Thail island? Look no further because today I am letting you in on a secret - now all you have to do is go there

Looking for a secret Thai island? Yes, indeed, one still exists and no, it ain’t Koh Phi Phi. And today I will let you in on its secret location. You are getting a real hidden gem here.

The reality is that we travel bloggers always talk about hidden gems, getting off the beaten path and like to pretend that THE beach is still new and exciting. Alas, in most of the cases whatever we write about is none of these.

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