Keen for some real New York insider tips? Here you go - finally out the ultimate Elephant guide to NYC from an almost real New Yorker!

Does the world need another New York guide?

That is a question I asked myself before sitting down to write one of my own. And the honest answer is – probably not.

I love New York, and I think you will either love it (or hate it) too no matter what you do. Then again, I know I like guides and inspiration myself. I also know that I am pretty good at finding cool places, you may even call me a truffle pig when it comes to finding restaurants, hotels, and things to do. And no, I am not just very full of myself, my mother said it first! You know that mothers are always right

What would you do if you had one day in New York? Follow me in a New York minute and I will show you the perfect day in the city that never sleeps.

The other day I complained that I haven’t had a proper holiday with all my traveling. Well, I didn’t really complain because that would be silly and ungrateful but the fact is that my week in New York for my friend’s wedding in June was the closest that has come to a holiday in a few years. And then again, New York, love it or hate it, is never a holiday

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Just before I slipped off to Lapland and China I spent a sneaky 15 minutes to book yet another flight. This one will take me to my old home, all time favorite big city and a very special wedding location: New York. I am beyond thrilled actually, it will be the first time visiting my old hood(s) in years. I am looking forward to not only reconnect with all of my friends there and go back to some of my favorite spots but also to discover some new treasures. Any recommendations of must dos and must-eats please let me know!

I’m a big daydreamer. Daydreaming is wonderful. When I was younger I dreamed about guys and about becoming a musical star, Broadway was calling my name and that’s how Daniel Craig would find out about and subsequently fall in love with me. That dream came to an end when I didn’t make the audition for the trial semester at an acting school in Hamburg. But when I read an article about F.I.T. in New York two years later, my daydreaming took another turn and I gratefully learned that sometimes dreaming does lead to dreams coming true.