Favela tour yes or no, that was the big question when I came to Rio. I decided to go for it, but left with more questions than answers.

Usually, I feel quite strongly that there are right and wrong ways to travel. Sometimes though it becomes more of a murky gray zone and I am not so sure myself. Elephant riding? No! Eating a spider leg? Yes! (at least once). Photographing the tooth seller at the Jemaa El Fna for some change? Yes! Photographing the monkeys next to him? No

Remember I promised you to come back from Brazil with a great Caipirinha recipe?! I took that job very seriously and drank A LOT of them, just for educational purposes of course.
To be quite honest I never much liked Caipirinha before. If I had the choice I would always go for a Mojito instead. Even when I drank my last one in Germany for picture purposes I was a bit underwhelmed and not really looking forward to them
That all changed with my first sip of a real Brazilian Caipirinha and the realization that it is the best dish I would find here. Yes, that’s right I am calling it a dish

Going to Brazil and not sure what to pack? Check out my ultimate yet slightly different Brazil packing list for what to take and what not to take.

Quite frankly I find a travel packing list a bit useless. I mean do you really need someone to tell you how many undies you need for a week abroad? According to my father, it is three, but he also needs seven pairs of socks, so that lets me think the decision is a rather personal one, sometimes devoid of all logic.

How I became the girl from Ipanema? Rio and I had a rocky start, but once I set foot on Ipanema beach, I realized, this city was for me.

Arraial do Cabo, my home in Brazil, was just as sleepy as it must have been back in the day when Vespucci got stranded here. A port, fishermen, some charmingly derelict streets and a crumbling ‘plaza’. The latter offered weekend entertainment in form of a little cocktail kiosk. The only reason it was more frequented than the neighboring cocktail cart was its owner and her well-done boob-job that came on display whenever she used the cocktail shaker

I was very much looking forward to the Brazilian food. Meat galore, avocados, the mysterious açai, caipirinhas and even the every day special, rice and beans, seemed so enticing. When I told my aunt, who had lived in Rio for many decades, that I wanted to do a food tour, she told me not to bother. I was a bit deflated, but honestly, I didn’t quite believe her. Surely any part of South America had a foodie destination

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