Marrakech is an ideal city to live out all your Arabian Night fantasies so it was inevitable that it would become my city, I always preferred Jasmine to Cinderella.

That even holds true when you are traveling alone or in my case, with my father. All you need is a room at La Sultana and Rock the Kasbah on your play list.

Ever wanted to see the famous tree goats in Morocco? Me too, unfortunately I walked into a big tourist trap and unhappy goats!

I wrote a lengthy article on Travelettes the other day about animal tourism. Afterward, some person made a remark on our facebook page, basically saying that anybody who was not a vegan shouldn’t dare to comment. I didn’t agree. Was I not to get upset about reading posts promoting Sea World with the words “The dolphins looked so happy, they were smiling all the time!” just because I had a ham sandwich for breakfast?

You want to eat all of Marrakech but don't know where to start? Then I recommend you join Marrakech Food Tours for a gourmet treat in the medina.

There was a time when I was fake engaged and felt like I literally ate all the food Marrakech has to offer.
And yes, I do know what the word literally means and how it should be used so you can imagine just how much food I ate. It is also important to know for the sake of the story that follows that a) I am usually not a prankster and b) I am always game to be a food related guineapig.

Want to know how to spend a day in Marrakech? Or even better - a perfect day? Look no further, but follow me around through my favorite city!I have had many perfect days in Marrakech but this time around my last day was especially perfect and I thought I should share in case you need some inspiration on how to spend a great day in my favorite city.

My day started with a driver from the Royal Mansour taking me to La Mamounia where I spent the last night. That was a bit funny because the two are the two most luxurious hotels in town and basically archenemies. Well no, of course not, but I dare say they are each other’s best competition. Over the course of the day, I recognized quite a few guests I had seen at Royal Mansour before, obviously, I wasn’t the only one switching sides.

Where? What? Why? Eating in Marrakech! I am sharing my favorite places from cheap & cheerful to fancy & fabulous.

The first time I came to Morocco I did not only not love Marrakech, I also didn’t like Moroccan food. Oh the shock and horror, I know, I know. But to be honest, it just seemed rather bland to me. The vegetables of any tagine were always overcooked (spoiler alert – they still are, I just don’t order them!), the sugar/chicken combination of the pastilla freaky and that the cows brain on the market were not to become an all-time favorite was kind of a no-brainer. Pardon the pun.

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