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Wine runs in my veins and in my family. I am surrounded by wine snobs, fiends, lovers, and drinkers. When I met David Rothschild during one of the afterparties at Pure and asked him whether he belonged to THE Rothschilds (as in the ones on the wine labels), he said yes, those were his drunk cousins. I instantly felt a connection to him besides him being obviously very charming – I had drunk cousins too! One is even working on a vineyard in her garden and while its harvest will be strictly limited to family members only, I don’t think that will do, because I know that my number of drunk cousins beats David’s number of drunk cousins.

Finding Nemo - Waldo - Egypt - El Gouna - Red Sea - Midnight Blue Elephant - Annika Ziehen

A few weeks ago I was invited to Egypt. While I was planning to walk like an Egyptian and follow in the footsteps of my aunt who is convinced she was Cleopatra in a former life, there was none of this to be found in El Gouna where I stayed. Admittedly I was a little disappointed at first. That was until they strapped me on a wakeboard, fed me tiger prawns till I burst, and I went looking for little Nemo under the (red) sea. Can you find him?