Too shy to take portraits when you are traveling? Me too! Until I went to Kerala and things turned around. Here my best tips for taking portraits.

I never considered myself a photographer. In fact, I still struggle with the fact to call myself a writer though I guess a printed book with many words is proof enough. But photographer? Nah.
My brother is an amazing photographer and while we work on very different subjects I always shied the comparison.
So for a long time in my travel blogging life pictures were not my focus. Until I realized that a blog needs pictures. People attention spans need pictures to break up a text. And I to my biggest surprise realized I like taking pictures.

A little recap of what is happening on Koh Tao right now, where to find the perfect romantic getaway close by and what divemaster training all entails.
 I used to write monthly recaps. And then I stopped. Maybe because I thought nobody was interested or maybe because life happened and sometimes not much to write home about at all happened. I don’t even know.
But I am craving a dear diary moment so with that I will start again. What time frame? Meh, I don’t know. Let’s try that monthly thing again, it seems fitting considering that a new one is starting today.

Keen for a romantic mini getaway from Cape Town and all the wine? Head to picturesque Stellenbosch in the Winelands - tips on where to eat, sleep & drink.

I picked up the flyer while I was waiting at a counter. It said Keep calm and drink wine. Personally, I think the keep calm trend is overrated and outdated but I do like wine and after all, wine is what I came to Stellenbosch for.

Drinking wine or going to university is one of Stellenbosch’s main attraction. Mind you, I also have family there and just a deep appreciation for this little Winelands town. Stellenbosch has been overrun by tourists and chain restaurants in recent years but that doesn’t really diminish its charm. At least not by a lot. It does, however, mean that you have a lot fewer options on where to find a decent local meal to go with that wine.

Marrakech is an ideal city to live out all your Arabian Night fantasies so it was inevitable that it would become my city, I always preferred Jasmine to Cinderella.

That even holds true when you are traveling alone or in my case, with my father. All you need is a room at La Sultana and Rock the Kasbah on your play list.

Exploring India through its food was my favorite in Delhi and Kerala. Here are my best tips on how to avoid getting sick in India and eat everything.

I think one of the things that people are equally fascinated by and at the same time scared of in India is the food. How to avoid getting sick in India is a big question that trip planning evolves around.
I was no exception and to be quite honest, I wasn’t all that excited for the food overall. While I love many Asian flavors like Thai, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan and couldn’t even be deterred by the spider legs Cambodia offered, Indian has never really been my cup of tea.

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