The monkey forest in Ubud is the place for monkey business in Bali. Here I share where to stay and how to make the most of a visit.

People like hotels that feel like home. I disagree. Strongly. While I technically don’t have a home right now, I think the whole point of staying in a hotel is that it ain’t like home. I want crisp linens and someone who makes my bed (a habit I have not gotten into ever not even as an adult), I love a minibar and pretend it’s always free, and I love making a mess within 5 minutes because I know I can leave the next day and will just move said mess into my suitcase.
No, really, I don’t mind that hotels are nothing like a home. Having that said, though, there are some I would like to make my home.

Keen for a 2016 wrap up of a different kind? I am sharing some of my favorite moments from this year - in animal selfies.

I wanted to do a little recap of 2016, but I didn’t feel like putting up the usual post of what I did and where I went.
What I started to do this year and loved, was to take animal selfies of really anything that would get in front of a lens with me. Mind you, I am using the term selfie loosely as it is quite hard to dive, not smash into anything and take a picture of yourself that will show you AND the manta ray. So sometimes I asked for help and yes, I will still call it a selfie and hope you will forgive me the error in semantics.

Male Komodo dragons have two penises. There I said it, the most important thing about this whole post right away in the first sentence. I am not sure if that was wise, who knows if you will read to the end now. Then again, you will want to see for yourself and as you can win a trip to Komodo in this post, you really should read on!

Want to find orangutans in Borneo? Come along for the ride of a life time in the jungle of Tanjung Puting where you can find them roam in the wild.

Back in the jungle. I almost sigh in relief. Life as I know it is not only thousands of miles away, it feels like a lifetime ago, away, gone.
I didn’t even know I was going back to Borneo. My itinerary said Tanjung Puting and something about orangutans. I didn’t put two and two together – wild orangutans can only be found on Borneo and Sumatra today. You should have seen my face when I realized – back to Borneo!

Want to discover Indonesia beyond Bali? Here is an introduction of some of the Indonesian islands & cities I recently visited and what they have to offer.

I am writing this post as I sit in my beautiful Airbnb in Ubud, Bali and loving life. So with that, no, the irony of that title isn’t lost on me.
When I told people I was gonna go to Bali for three months, I actually meant Indonesian islands yet to be determined. I wasn’t particularly keen on following the Eat, Pray, Love cliche of a thirty-something single woman writing a book in Bali waiting for Javier Bardem to find her (though I wouldn’t mind that very much). I just didn’t really know what else Indonesia had to offer and what it would be like.

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