Looking for stylish gifts for travelers? Either for yourself or the other travelers in your life? Look no further - here is your globetrotting gift guide!

I don’t know about you but I have been eating Christmas treats for a month now, written posts about Christmas markets and generally made peace with the fact that silly season is just around the corner.
Admittedly my usual Christmas wishes include either money for a plane ticket or actually just spending time with family and friends. But this year there are a few things I have been eying and thought I would share with you and any travel-loving friends.

You like it hot but don't like your face is melting off? I have put together my latest favorite travel beauty products for hot weather and humidity.

I have slowly but surely become a packing pro. In as such that I don’t take a separate bag for shoes anymore. Ha! Honestly, I still overpack all the time and one of the things I have realized that usually weighs the most are my toiletries. As most of my destinations tend to be hot and humid, because that’s my favorite weather there is, I have started to pay more attention to what I actually use and all the things I only think I need – hello, Clinique primer!

Looking for the perfect Cape Town souvenirs? Look no further than this Supermarket Souvenirs guide for all things local & lekker from the Mothercity!

I really thought I wasn’t going to do a South African version of Supermarket Souvenirs, because what appeal could the local supermarkets possibly have to me after calling this place home for so many years? Would I be able to forget the countless hours I spent waiting in lines, grumpy salespeople who didn’t know fish sauce from soy sauce, and kids in the check-out aisles fighting over small packets of chips & gummies? Apparently so because upon my first trip to Woolworth I almost caught a cold for spending 20 delightful minutes in the freezing aisles looking for cut heirloom veggies wearing nothing but shorts and flip-flops. They have also started to remove the small packets of chips and gummies so the children are a little less crazy these days

Need the perfect Christmas gift for a traveler? Well, I put together a little different travel gift guide to make this truly the season of giving.

What do you want for Christmas?

I want to spend Christmas in the sun with my family, drink a few bottles of bubbly and go diving. Not necessarily in this order. I don’t want stuff, I want time with loved ones and see Cape Seals. Of course, getting here cost money so when my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told them – family celebrations in Cape Town and diving! I didn’t want anything that could collect dust at some point.

Want to save water? Easy enough, stop it while using STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! products. I am giving away one of their awesome travel kits!

I think by now I am a pretty smart traveler and packer. I know which bag to take, not to pack too much (ehem, usually) and whether the hotel products are nice enough that I can leave my shampoo behind. However, the one thing I still struggle with is toothpaste. I always forget it and I am honestly not sure why. When I used to travel for work in New York I spent a fortune over the years on hotel toothpaste, because I could never remember my own and apparently that’s where most 5-star hotels seem to make their money

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