A Foodie's Guide to Ubud Restaurants for the best Balinese and international eateries, from casual to fancy, for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

I did not stay in Ubud for very long and only realized that it definitely hadn’t been long enough when it was too late. Ubud is quite wonderful and despite being very touristy I immediately liked its vibe and its restaurant scene.
Honestly, I was not a big fan of Indonesian food in general, but Ubud may as well have been on a different planet – the food options were amazing and I was sad not to get to eat everywhere I wanted. Or to eat certain dishes again and again. Yes, I’m looking at you, Gado Gado!

Want to know where to find the best pad thai in Bangkok? I got the answer right here and it may not be the place you think it is!

I love Bangkok, I think we have established that much. My list of little favorites is endless but next to a lot of cheap massages and the flower market, I am always in search for some great food. From the hip and the happening to the local and authentic.

Bangkok, baby! A love letter to a hot city.

This time, I was lucky enough to have yet another local guide fetching me from the airport and taking me straight to one of Bangkok’s oldest eateries.

Keen for some real New York insider tips? Here you go - finally out the ultimate Elephant guide to NYC from an almost real New Yorker!

Does the world need another New York guide?

That is a question I asked myself before sitting down to write one of my own. And the honest answer is – probably not.

I love New York, and I think you will either love it (or hate it) too no matter what you do. Then again, I know I like guides and inspiration myself. I also know that I am pretty good at finding cool places, you may even call me a truffle pig when it comes to finding restaurants, hotels, and things to do. And no, I am not just very full of myself, my mother said it first! You know that mothers are always right

Sri Lanka breakfast edition: How a hopper changed my life, I found the curry of my dreams and how breakfast will never be the same!

Whenever I go on a trip I think before I even leave what I will write. What seems important to the country, what do I have to write (yup, we are there!), and what will pop up unexpectedly on the way. I usually like to ease my readers into a destination just like I would ease into it as well. Especially if it is a completely new country, I like to approach it gently and with care, I am not one for jumping in I must admit. I don’t know anything yet, haven’t gotten much more than a first impression and as I mentioned in this post – words matter – so I like to get my story straight first before I share it.

Will travel for food... I am sharing my foodie bucket list with some of the best dishes from around the world. Worth a trip or two!

My morning started full of foodie thoughts. And not in the way of what I wanted for breakfast (I don’t do breakfast) or wondering what my favorite lunch spot may have in store today. I have a bed bad habit of reading emails and facebook news while I am still in bed, sometimes more asleep than awake. This morning started with this cool interview with Anthony Bourdain, which confirmed that he is my food related spirit animal. Afterward, I found another one from Jodi from Legal Nomads about her bucket list dishes from around the world. It made me incredibly sad that I hadn’t eaten any of them, I started to drool and cry at the same time, and almost immediately booked flights to go everywhere so I could correct this lack of Bánh cuốn and Sai ua in my life.

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