For World Oceans Day I wrote a little love letter to my first love, the ocean and a reminder to why we need to preserve our oceans.

I met my first love in the Netherlands. I was so young I don’t even remember when or how or if it was love at first sight. But then again, none of this matters.
We spent sunny days, lazy afternoons and when the weather wasn’t our friend, it didn’t matter either.

I was in love on gray days and during stormy nights and my love seemed unconditional. I felt better as soon as I was close, a calming presence mixed with a tingle of excitement.

Today, so many years later I am glad that I got it right at least once with that thing called love.

Are you into scuba diving? I am on my way to becoming a PADI divemaster & share some random facts why I love the underwater world and sharks.

I am doing a dive master.

Well, I was informed that technically this is a wrong way of putting it unless you are are in fact, sleeping with someone who is a dive master which I am not. Semantics aside though, I am doing the training to becoming a dive master. I am back in Thailand on Koh Tao, at New Heaven, where back in 2015 my love affair with scuba diving started in 2015 my love affair with scuba diving started.

Do you want to go find Nemo, mola molas & mantas? Then diving in Bali should be on your agenda. Follow along into the deep blue, let's go down!

The other day I met a guy. We dated for a bit and I started to really like him despite some glaring differences. He drank Kombucha, I prefer Champagne. I like burgers, he liked tofu. He was a scientist, I am a writer. He had an apartment, I have a suitcase. All of this wasn’t enough to deter me and not the reason it didn’t end well. He was just not that into me it turned out.

You were always intrigued by the idea of diving? But also a little scared? Read on - my diving beginners guide to get your first toe in the water.

Well, if you have managed to be and breathe underwater I guess you can dive. Sort of. Honestly, I had no idea that there was so much more to diving than getting my certifications. I have written about some basics on how to get the first toe in the water here.
This time, I wanted to go a little deeper (literally). Because it only dawned on me that I had no real idea what I was doing even as an advanced open water diver (AOW) when I got to Sipadan.

You were always intrigued by the idea of diving? But also a little scared? Read on - my diving beginners guide to get your first toe in the water.

Unlike other 101s, taking your first figurative steps underwater will be the most exciting class you could ever take. And while I’m no teacher (yet) I love nothing more than getting people excited about things that I also love. Usually, that is a book, I truly enjoyed, a restaurant I loved or Bikram yoga. Nothing makes me happier than to hear that they liked it too, even when those people are complete strangers. And of course, the reverse is true as well – people who think Bikram is just a sweaty mess cannot be my friends. My newest addition to this list is diving so it comes as no surprise that when my own nephew told me he would never go (because he has a self-diagnosed ‘shark-phobia’) I almost started to cry

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