The monkey forest in Ubud is the place for monkey business in Bali. Here I share where to stay and how to make the most of a visit.

People like hotels that feel like home. I disagree. Strongly. While I technically don’t have a home right now, I think the whole point of staying in a hotel is that it ain’t like home. I want crisp linens and someone who makes my bed (a habit I have not gotten into ever not even as an adult), I love a minibar and pretend it’s always free, and I love making a mess within 5 minutes because I know I can leave the next day and will just move said mess into my suitcase.
No, really, I don’t mind that hotels are nothing like a home. Having that said, though, there are some I would like to make my home.

Headscarf yes or no? This debate seems to split the world as much as Trump these days. I call bullshit on it - Muslim women should have a right to decide!

Today I am getting a little bit political. Sometimes travel blogs and pages get bashed for that. I don’t really care; it is my blog and I’ll write if I want to. Also, I think traveling, politics and world affairs are never not related. Chances are if Trump becomes president, I will not want to go to the US in the foreseeable future because I will be starting my ever first travel boycott. So you won’t get any US content for a while from me. See what I did here?

Is there anything in the world left to explore? Are there any white spots on the map left?

Not in a grand scheme of things but in my little life the answer is a definite yes. Sometimes it scares me how much of the world I haven’t seen and how quickly I am running out of time. I know full well that even if I live the longest life humanly possible, I will not see it all. That makes me incredibly sad but also humble. It teaches me that some things are too big even for us almighty humans. That is probably a good thing. That fact also reminds me to make the most of each day, to say yes more often than no, and to explore, listen, and simply walk with my eyes wide open all the time.

Do you think racism and travel are mutually exclusive? I just got reminded they aren't and that we need to hold each other to higher standards and speak up.

A few weeks before I went to China I was on a tour in Marrakech and met a travel blogger couple from the States. When I mentioned excitedly that I was going on a press trip to China, their reaction caught me off guard. “Why would you want to go there? The people are disgusting and the food is horrible!” Yes, maybe I had been bragging just a tiny bit because – business class flight!! – but that reaction seemed outright rude. And as it turned out, they had never been. With that, I was really confused how someone can call an entire 1.4 billion people disgusting without ever having set foot in their country

A different kind of travel blogger and what it's like to travel as a Muslim woman. A guest post by Amanda from Maroc Mama.

Travelers are a funny bunch and travel bloggers even more so. While we try to be distinctive non-tourists and go against the cliches that come with being one, we end up living up to our own stereotypes more often than not. The guys are rugged adventurers living the life of Point Break while winning awards for their photographs of yet another mountain and the girls have sun bleached hair, slim yoga/beach bodies and are sponsored by swimwear companies that make Brazilian cut bikinis.
Of course, I am exaggerating but take a look on Instagram and these are the images that pop up more often than not.
I am neither.

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