As you can probably tell I did this interview with myself which is always a bit weird, but still you may just find the answer to your most pressing questions yet. If you don’t, feel free to drop me a line at

Why is there a bull terrier on your profile picture? How is that even travel related?
In the picture, you see me in Cape Town, a city I still consider home. The bull terrier in the picture is Lizzie, my cousin’s dog and I am on her deck, one of my favorite places ever. You can read the whole story here how the picture came along and why you won’t see me in front of the Eiffel Tower or doing something more travel related. Believe me, when you get to know me better it all makes sense. Somehow.

What do you never travel without?
Panama hat, face spritz, and hopefully my passport. The one time I tried without it – you can imagine… I didn’t get very far. This list used to include my Kindle, but it cracked in the jungle of Borneo and so far I haven’t replaced it. Now I have to read on my iPhone so that makes the list now.

What are your favorite destinations?
So far I would say La Reunion for the best rum punch, New York to make my heart beat faster, New Orleans for fried oyster po’boys, Bangkok for a night at The Asadang, St. Martensee for the childhood memories, and my cousin’s candy-colored deck in Cape Town. Lately any destination I can dive has been added to the my favorites.

Can you send me tips what to do in these places?
Sure thing, but how about you start with some inspiration and tips?!

Do you have a bucket list?
Is going everywhere a bucket list? But no, not really, however, I really want to visit the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi and follow in the footsteps of Magaret Mead and travel the South Pacific islands.

What’s your real job?
I’m a freelance photo producer and advertising consultant. I also do copy and content writing, mainly about home décor, food, and travel. I’m still planning on making traveling my real 9 to 5 job, though. Or I might become a diving instructor after all, who knows.

Can you feature my product/souvenir or destination on The Midnight Blue Elephant?
Sure, as long as it is something that I think I and my readers would be genuinely interested in. I like things that come with a story, a sense of place, and that are somehow unique. Please contact me via at and let’s talk.

Do you like riding elephants?
No. On my last trip in Thailand, I contemplated it, but after a lot of research I have decided that it is never a humane practice and that I didn’t want to do it. I am very keen however to visit the Elephant Nature Park by Chiang Mai which I came close to on my last trip. Unfortunately, I had to stay in bed with food poisoning, but I’m hoping to make it up some day.

But surely you own many pairs of elephant pants from Thailand?
While I have many friends who look great in elephant pants and I’m sure they are very comfy, they are just not for me. I prefer to lounge in my Moroccan djellaba.

What do you prefer – street food or a five-course gourmet meal?
Both, of course! Street food for lunch and gourmet meal for dinner. As long as it is good and authentic I don’t discriminate against food ever.

If you could only travel to one place for the rest of your life where would you go?
While that would be insanely sad – sorry, rest of the world! – I’d always gladly go back to Marrakech.