Hello, I’m Annika!

I’m a girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart who likes to be anywhere but home. After having lived in New York and South Africa for many years, I now call the world home because I love one thing more than drinking wine and doing yoga together – traveling.

I like luxury and adventure travel equally – for me, it is all about the experience, I don’t care about labels. Wherever I go I like to find Nemo and sharks. I don’t care for walks in the park, but I like hikes through a jungle, urban or other. My favorite is eating all the street food I get my hands on and to wash it down with champagne. I want to sleep in hotel beds with too many pillows and on hard Thai mattresses in a bamboo hut, listen to the sounds of crickets to fall asleep to and take showers under the stars.
Apparently, I am a truffle pig to find places where you can do all of the above and that have a certain something. And yes, I will gladly share them with you!

Also, I tell funny stories (at least for a German I was told) and that’s why I’m here. Want to come along for the ride?!

P.S.: I felt a bit bad when I named the blog because my favorite animal is actually a giraffe, but the name was set in my mind so all I could do was go along with it and repeatedly apologize to all giraffes out there.