Looking for a true eco resort in Thailand? I found one on Koh Phi Phi! PADI divecenter, barefoot luxury & just a speedboat ride from Phuket.

I must admit that in my job it is easy to develop a little chip on your shoulder. The number of times people make googly eyes when I tell them what I do and that yes, in fact, I am currently working from Thailand, is staggering. Nobody cares that I am not only working double right now because I am doing my dive master training while still doing my regular job nor that my credit card is crying each time I use it. Or that it is, in fact, raining right now and I am stuck with a salad that is probably going to give me a heart attack (bacon, crumbed chicken, Caesar’s dressing, croutons deep fried, and five sad leaves of Cos salad).
Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind any of it and secretly I love the fact that the chicken in my salad was crumbed, but I am not on a constant holiday. So when someone makes comments a la ‘Oh, I’m happy I reached you, I never know where you are on holiday at the moment’, I have a hard time holding back a snarky comment.

Want to find the perfect Instagram spots in Marrakech? Look no further because with #magicalmarrakech I show you the most Insta-worthy places.

Morocco is exotic, tantalizing and incredibly beautiful. A feast for the senses and especially for the eyes. You could call it a photographer’s wet dream. The endless hills of the desert, real life palaces, the impressive Kasbah of Ait Bennadou, and kittens galore in Essaouira – the options are endless.Mind you, for me, there is nothing like Marrakech. The colors, the textures, the beautiful chaos. If you have been there you can surely appreciate why I love this city so much. Taking pictures there never gets boring.

In Morocco with my father - I share my 8 best tips for traveling with your dad & why you should do it even when you are a grown up.

… and why you should do it even if you are a grown up!

It is our second day in Morocco and I am trying to teach my dad what it entails to be my #instagramdaddy. That is no easy task. While he already knows that the wifi code is key, I still have to explain to him that he mustn’t touch anything nor sit anywhere in the room until I have taken pictures of everything.
He thinks that eating some of the strawberries the La Mamounia has put out for us is not part of the no touching rule. I can only just keep him from opening the bottle of red that came with the strawberries.

Why do I love solo travel so much? Why is it the best way to travel for me even though it is not always easy nor fun? In Kuala Lumpur I found the answer.

Recently I was asked by Urlaubsheld to write about why I solo travel and what I love about it. As I didn’t want to take away from people reading my book, it got me thinking. What was it about solo travel that I loved so much?

The other day I had to go to Kuala Lumpur for a visa run. I was terrified. Not so much for the logistics of a visa run or going to a city that I hadn’t much cared about the first time around but more for the fact that I wasn’t sure if I still had it. It being my ability to solo travel. I wasn’t so sure if I was still in love.

Too shy to take portraits when you are traveling? Me too! Until I went to Kerala and things turned around. Here my best tips for taking portraits.

I never considered myself a photographer. In fact, I still struggle with the fact to call myself a writer though I guess a printed book with many words is proof enough. But photographer? Nah.
My brother is an amazing photographer and while we work on very different subjects I always shied the comparison.
So for a long time in my travel blogging life pictures were not my focus. Until I realized that a blog needs pictures. People attention spans need pictures to break up a text. And I to my biggest surprise realized I like taking pictures.

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